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ginkgo ginkgo is a male

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Tonight at 8 pm EST is a new show on Nickelodean called Cat Scratch...
Terry Taylor did all the music!
he announced it at the Livonia MI june 29th show
My kids are all planning to stay up and watch it with me
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Kula Bocca
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I don't have TV Crying


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Originally posted by Kula Bocca
I don't have TV Crying

That's not always a bad thing Wink

"If my children-us wake up on Christmas morning and have somebody to thank for putting candy in their stocking, have I no one to thank for putting two feet in mine?" (G.K. Chesterton)
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well I do have TV and taped (and watched parts live) the show.
It was two episodes-1 hour....

It was ..well - it was a cartoon! Maybe it was cuz I was payng closer atten-ustion..but I liked the theme-both episodes (IMHO) dealt with something that kids could learn from (excess in one, and honesty in the other)- and some of the little play on words made me LOL, aong with some visual silliness.The artwork is similarto todays cartoons- liked that.
I dont spen-usd as lot of time on Nick - we watched the tape again later and I got my 5 year old to iden-ustify' I want Catscratch!" before bedtime. Perhaps a ritual is in order here.

i did take particular notice to the music and listen-used to the theme song twice-I am still not certain if thats Terry singing..I would say it is- but with a hint of reservation.
I Do like the song .
Next week- Friday night....and I will tune in.

What was the coolest is seeing at the beginning "Created by Doug Ten-usapel"
and the sidebar credits (whcih whip by-)said
Music by:
terry Scott Taylor
I paused that to show wifey...and gave out a littlel Hoot.

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