The Lost Dogs In Concert...

    Featuring: Michael Roe, Steve Hindalong, Terry Taylor & Derri Daugherty

    Derri Daugherty • Michael Roe •  Chris Taylor
    The "Misery Loves Company" Tour
    Fall 2014


    And just like that, it's October. And with it comes the "Misery Loves Company" tour featuring Michael Roe, Derri Daugherty, and Chris Taylor. A tour "in the round" featuring all three artists playing their songs, telling the stories behind them, and sharing them all in new and unique ways for themselves and the fans. You won't want to miss this:

    Last April, I brought one of my favorite songwriters Chris Taylor (Love Coma) on the road with me and boy were we miserable! Not with each other, but with the long drives and rough road adventures you commonly experience on tour. So, this time, we decided to compound our misery by adding another favorite songwriter Derri Daugherty (The Choir) to the mess. The concept of a 'songwriter’s circle in the round’ where a group of artists discuss and play their tunes together is a long-standing tradition in Nashville, so we've decided to bring that beloved format from Music City USA to Yourtown USA this Fall. We are really looking forward to singing, playing and sharing our favorite songs with each other and you!!" ~ Michael Roe

    It's been over three years since Mike and I toured as a duo, so I'm excited for this return to the road and making music with not only Mike, but also Chris Taylor. I look forward to sharing my songs with not only you the fans, but with Mike and Chris in ways that have never been played before in front of a live audience. Tours like this don't happen every day, and we are blessed to get to share our lives and music with each other, and with each and every one of you. ~ Derri Daugherty

    "When I was a teenager, I would play my 77’s and Choir albums as loud as I could in my headphones (the folks wouldn’t let me listen to Rock and Roll in the house). I got lost in Michael Roe’s wild guitar solos and Derri Daugherty’s atmospheric sonics. I was deep down in the heart of Texas, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I would ever see these musicians in a live setting… let alone actually tour with them!! Well, it’s a surreal dream come true for me to hit the road with Mike and Derri through the last half of October and beyond. All the excitement of the tour led me to record a new album, called Daylight, and it’s coming out through Lo-Fidelity Records later this month! There is nothing more special than taking our music to people who want to hear it… We are so grateful to have folks all over the country willing to make this happen!” ~ Chris Taylor

    Current tour dates are listed below, and continue to watch this space as additional booking is happening now to bring the tour to Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Colorado, New Mexico, and Arizona in November. If you are interested in having the "Misery Loves Company" tour come to your State this fall, please contact for info on how to make that happen.

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