America's Main Street
    A Blessing in Disguise
    A Certain Love
    A Vegas Story (Free Drinks and A Dream)
    'Aint Gonna Fight It
    All That Remains
    Amber Waves Goodbye
    Bad Indigestion
    Be My Hiding Place
    Beautiful Scandalous Night
    Breathe Deep (The Breath of God)
    Broken Like Brooklyn
    Built for Glory, Made to Last
    Bullet Train
    Burn It Up
    Bush League
    Carry Me
    Close But No Cigar
    Come Down Here
    Crushing Hand
    Cry Baby
    Cry Out Loud
    Dancin' on the Devil's Elbow
    Darkest Night
    Dead End Diner
    Deeper In The Heart
    Desert Flowers
    Devil's Elbow
    Diamonds to Coal
    Dunce Cap
    Dust in My Bowl
    Dust On The Bible (Johnny and Walter Bailes)
    Eleanor it's Raining Now
    Farther Along (Traditional)
    The Fortunate Sons
    Free At Last
    Gates of Eden
    Get Me Ready
    Ghost Train to Nowhere
    The Glory Road
    Golden Dreams
    Goodbye Winslow
    Grace Is The Smell Of Rain
    The Great Divide
    The Green Room Serenade
    Hard Times Come Again No More (Foster)
    Hardening My Heart
    Hey You Little Devil
    Home Again
    Honeysuckle Breeze
    I Am A Pilgrim (Traditional)
    I Can't Say Goodbye
    I Don't Love You
    If It Be Your Will (Cohen)
    If You Loved Here, You'd Be Home By Now
    If You Want To
    I'm A Loser (Lennon/McCartney)
    I'm Setting You Free (But I'm Not Letting You Go)
    Imagine That
    In The Distance
    Israelites & Okies
    It's So Sad
    Jesus Loves You Brian Wilson
    Jesus On The Shore
    The Last Testament of Angus Shane
    Like A Cloud
    Lord, Protect My Child (Dylan)
    The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees
    Love Takes Over the World
    Loved And Forgiven
    Lovely Man
    The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and the Pride of Life
    Make Believe
    The Mark of Cain
    Mercy Again
    Moses In the Desert
    The Net
    The New Physics
    No Room For Us
    No Shadow of Turning
    No Ship Coming In
    Old and Lonesome
    Old Angel
    One More Day
    Only One Bum In Corona del Mar
    Pearl Moon
    Pray Where You Are
    Precious Memories (Traditional)
    The Prodigal Bride (I'll Wait for You)
    Real Men Cry
    Reasonable Service
    Rebecca Go Home
    Red, White and Blue
    Rocky Mountain Mines
    Scenic Routes
    Sunshine Down
    Sweet Work of Love
    That's Where Jesus Is
    There You Are
    This Business Is Goin' Down
    Three Legged Dog
    To Cover You
    Traveling Mercies
    Turn it Around
    Waiting for You To Come Around
    The Wall of Heaven
    When The Judgment Comes
    Whispering Memories
    Why is the Devil Red?
    Wicked Guns
    Wild Ride
    With Me Tonight (Brian Wilson)
    The World is Against Us
    The Yearning
    You Gotta Move (Traditional)
    You Satisfy