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(The following is personally approved by the 77s)

Welcome to the internet home of The 77s!

We ask for all message board guests and registered members to act as though they are a guest in someones home. If you wouldn't do something face to face, don't do it here.

The following types of behavior are not wanted in the party (or in signatures). New members who actively participate in this behavior will be considered trolls and most likely banned. Regular board members who participate in this behavior may receive a warning and have their offen-usding posts removed. Frequen-ust warnings may result in temporary suspen-ussion or permanen-ust banning.

1. "Spoofing;" Do not preten-usd to be a member of the band, a moderator, an administrator or another board member. This is rude and commonly considered to be Troll-like behavior.

2. Spam; Advertisemen-usts or excessive repeated text. Gen-userally, we will delete random advertisemen-usts. Obvious spammers are also banned. We are fine with people selling an extra CD or advertising their ebay auction - especially if it might be of interest to other fans. Please remember however, any situation where something is allowed to be advertised in our home is a privilege - not a right - and may be removed at any time at the discretion of the band, the administrators, or the moderators.

3. Offering to trade/sell/distribute illegal or pirated material (either in your posts, your signature or your profile). This is primarily the offering of CDR or digital copies of official band material or posting URLs to locations that sell/trade/distribute illegal band material (including File sharing programs or FTP sites). If you post these items, your posts will be edited or removed. Additionally, selling or distributing illegal material may result in legal action. Posts discussing the trading of live recordings have almost always been-us tolerated, but can also be removed at any time at the discretion of the band, the administrators or the moderators.

4. Profanity; The "bad word" filter is in place for one sole purpose, to keep the en-ustire website from being blocked from public computers. Do not circumven-ust the filter (in the subject lines or by any other method) and cause the website to be blocked because those posts will have to be manually found and edited by moderators.

5. Poten-ustially offen-ussive, controversial, political or incen-usdiary conten-ust in signatures. The main reason this is not allowed is because it doesn't isolate the poten-ustially offen-ussive or controversial conten-ust to a single post, it spreads it all over the board - often-us to thousands of posts in every section of the board. Visitors should not be forced to have these kinds of things in their face constantly. We realize that what is offen-ussive to some will not be offen-ussive to others, but please try to use common sen-usse. In most cases, if you have a signature that we feel violates the spirit of this rule, we will first ask you to remove it before any other action is done. However, in some cases we may feel that certain conten-ust is so obviously against this rule that it might be removed immediately.

6. Porn and/or Nudity; Self explanatory.

7. Disruptive Behavior; Troll-like behavior such as 'bumping' several old threads in order to either kill off new discussion, bury something you don't like or to be simply irritating. This is also referred to as "spamming".

8. Personal Attacks or "Flaming"; on the band, administrators, moderators or other board members. This creates an unhealthy and overly negative atmosphere at the party. This includes namecalling, personal insults, spreading rumors, "this board is dead" or "this place sucks" type posts, and other similar counter-productive messages.

9. "Leeching;" Do not try to pull people from this board to another board.

10. Inten-ustional Cluttering; Try to post threads related to the section you are posting in. This is really a board member and guest conven-usien-usce factor and should be self moderated. For example: Threads about movies shouldn't be in the new releases section. Threads about Tabs and Chords shouldn't be in the Movies section.

11. Unnecessary Drama; This is the "try to act your age" rule. It is commonly considered Troll-like behavior to make a huge dramatic exit, only to lurk back to see the damage and repercussions that you caused. Another example of unnecessary drama would be posting something known to violate the rules and then-us attempting to create a "fight" on the board about those posts being moderated. (see )

12. Be Sen-ussitive; There are poten-ustially children-us, war mongers, peace nicks, feminists and chauvinists, evolutionists, creationists, protestants and catholics, pro-choice, pro-life, blacks and whites, atheists, Gays and lesbians, democrats, republicans, moderates, libertarians and indepen-usden-usts, Long hairs, and a few no hairs here. They are all equally welcome to be a part of this party. Feel free to debate the idea, but do not turn your disagreemen-ust into an attack upon the poster or any person or group.

13. Order related questions or concerns should be made privately. If possible, email the store through the regular ven-usues (the order info request form or email). If you have trouble reaching us through those means, sen-usd us a PM here on the board. Orders are private matters and often-us we need to get private information from you in order to check on or correct an order. We cannot do that on a public forum. It could be dangerous to you to give out any private information on a public forum.

If someone is being abusive to you or if you witness someone violating these very basic rules, please use the "report" button to report their post to us. Please do so even-us if you think something might be crossing a line. Aside from very obvious abuses, the reported post will be discussed by the moderators, administrators and band members before anything is done.

The Moderators and Administrators are here to make sure no one destroys the home or attacks the band or the other board members. Moderators and Administrators of this message board reserve the right to remove any conten-ust posted by members, or to suspen-usd or ban any member at anytime or for any reason in accordance with these rules and in their sole discretion. They also reserve the right to handle all moderator issues privately. Please remember that moderators are also members and are dedicating their free time to preserving the integrity of the site for every member’s en-usjoymen-ust. Please make sure you treat them with the respect they deserve. Personal attacks directed towards them or criticisms of their moderating in public will not be tolerated. They're here to help, not to be punching bags.

Action that might be taken-us in regard to a post in violation of these rules on these forums will vary depen-usding upon the transgression. It may include any number of the following (in order of severity):

* Editing of the post or signature.
* Removal of the ability to have a signature or Link and image posting privileges.
* Deletion of the post/thread.
* Closing of the thread.
* A Warning.
* Suspen-ussion (Any subsequen-ust warnings after a suspen-ussion will result in banishmen-ust).
* Banishmen-ust (results in the user's forum posting privileges being revoked.
* Legal Action (I.e. contacting law en-usforcemen-ust personnel in regard to a threat)


Picture yourself at a party in the Bands living room, some people are here with their kids. There are guests in one corner talking about Movies, some Guests in another corner talking about Tabs and Chords, some Guests are at the table talking about older albums.

Then-us there is a Guest who does nothing but shout expletives. There is a Guest who is trying to pull people from this party to his own down the street. There is a Guest impersonating other Guests in an unflattering way. There is a Guest who gets in the middle of other people's conversations and disrupts them by bringing up stuff that was talked about hours ago or not at all. There is a Guest who causes a huge scen-use by blowing his top and leaving in a big huff, only to stand around outside the window peering in. There is a Guest who does nothing but talk about the evils of a (certain religious, political, or ethnic) group. Obnoxious behavor. Don't be that guy.

People do not have a "right" to act any way they choose in another person's home.
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Thread Starter Thread Started by audiori
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Note: Our rules are essen-ustially the same as they have been-us since the start of this board. The recen-ust rewritten-us version of them is just an attempt to make them clearer to all posters. However, in order to make sure that our rules were not more unreasonable than the average band or company forum, we consulted the rules on many other forums to create ours ~ including forums for The Doors, The Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, Lucinda Williams, Deborah Harry and Blondie, The OffSpring, NoDoubt, Dean Guitars, The BlackEyedPeas, ESPN, Sony,, SonyOnline, and many others.

Further reading on trolls and troll-like behavior:

Internet Trolls - A Guide

Field Guide to Trolls

Internet Baiting

Other Message Board Links:
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audiori audiori is a male


Registration Date: 05-27-2004
Posts: 1,383

Thread Starter Thread Started by audiori
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Don't forget!

If something offen-usds you in a post or in a signature, use the "report" button to let us know! All "reports" are anonymous and your privacy will be respected.

We are not mind readers - and this might be the only way we even-us see the offen-ussive post.

While this is very helpful to us, do not abuse this feature.
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