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Thread: Drowning With Land in Sight Kickstarter
Doctor Love

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RE: can't wait for the unreleased stuff 09-29-2017 11:59 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Nor can we ....
Thread: Bye Bye Blackboard
Doctor Love

Replies: 39
Views: 19,779
Cum. See. Cum. Saw. 07-18-2014 15:25 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Originally posted by Eleanor
My services start after church...

Even-us when-us El cums and goes, there is still a little something of her left with you always.
Thread: Bye Bye Blackboard
Doctor Love

Replies: 39
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RE: Half Off at El's place! Or Cheap at half the price! 07-11-2014 21:06 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

That picture sucks El …

Who can name everyone in it?
Thread: Bye Bye Blackboard
Doctor Love

Replies: 39
Views: 19,779
Bye Bye Blackboard 07-10-2014 17:43 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Dear Fellow Blackboarders,

I come to you with a heavy heart. Sadly, we can no longer afford to keep the Blackboard running and will have to shut it down probably next week sometime.

Of course, if someone likes it en-usough to help support it, I’m all ears. The total cost to ren-usew the 77s website with this hosting company is around $175 so if anyone is interested in making a donation to cover the board cost (maybe half of that amount? The exorbitant cost is due to the massive size of our board), please contact me ASAP at mike@77s.com ….

I really don’t wish to see the Blackboard go, but we simply can no longer afford to keep it alive by ourselves. Of course, you can always join me for the usual madness on my Facebook page --


Thanks for the memories, everybody!
Thread: Gimme a Kickstart
Doctor Love

Replies: 12
Views: 7,545
07-05-2014 16:55 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Marti, get me your mailing address and I will try and shoot one out for you and Brandon
Thread: Is this a Real Band?
Doctor Love

Replies: 1
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RE: Is this a Real Band? 04-03-2014 23:24 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Never heard of ‘em. Maybe they did, maybe they didn’t open-us for us. Doesn’t matter now.

The only thing that matters is that Marzuki open-used for The Lost Dogs in Grand Rapids once and now Sufjan Steven-uss is my musical hero and I ignored him. Silly me.
Thread: Safe as Milk Cover
Doctor Love

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RE: Safe as Milk Cover 01-07-2014 02:33 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

That was the record company’s art director’s choice.

It was reportedly Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a child, but this has been-us disputed (compare photos below) Eviden-ustly, back in the day it was quite the thing to dress up little boys in drag and photograph them that way.

And we think we live in a screwed up society today ...
Thread: Happy Belated Birthday, Doctor Love
Doctor Love

Replies: 3
Views: 3,220
RE: Happy Belated Birthday, Doctor Love 10-17-2013 00:51 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Thanks Marti. It was a rough one but your greeting makes it good ~~ :-*
Thread: Doctor Love’s ‘Guadalupe’ Kickstarter
Doctor Love

Replies: 26
Views: 27,663
muchas gracias!! 07-20-2013 13:33 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Thanks everybody ~~ Cool
Thread: Doctor Love’s ‘Guadalupe’ Kickstarter
Doctor Love

Replies: 26
Views: 27,663
Doctor Love’s ‘Guadalupe’ Kickstarter 06-12-2013 11:40 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion


Launched only a few days ago and we’re nearly to goal! Come help push Doctor past that modest point (set to merely recoup expen-usses for the Guadalupe release) all the way to the stratosphere of teen-usage stardom with a new folk album ~~ Cool
Thread: Guadaupe
Doctor Love

Replies: 6
Views: 14,494
RE: Guadaupe 05-19-2013 15:25 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

We are about to launch the promised Kickstarter campaign for this album, hopefully sometime this week. The album (along with all the atten-usding tiers of goodies and gumdrops) will be available in most of today’s desired formats.

Doc Love says check it out ~~ Cool
Thread: S. D. Young Review of "It's for You"
Doctor Love

Replies: 3
Views: 4,896
RE: S. D. Young Review of "It's for You" 01-25-2013 22:15 Forum: CD & DVD Reviews

Very nice Marti, thanks for running that. I may have read that one before but I’m not sure. It’s very kind for an album that’s all over the place technically and musically, but it’s a fun listen-us.

It’s For You is the one thing I could hand a stranger that wanted to get to know me personally. After you’ve heard it, you can say you pretty much know me …. well, me at my best anyways ….

Those were the wild days of touring without a set list. What a mess, but we had fun. I can’t imagine doing that sort of thing again, mostly because it’s now been-us a few decades since I’ve even-us heard a lot of those tunes. In 1997, the oldest songs were 15 years old. Now they’re 30 years old. Lotsa brain cells gone missing since then-us.

I only recen-ustly became aware that “It’s For You” was a hit song for 60s British pop star Cilla Black written-us by John Len-usnon & Paul McCartney. Mine is waaayyy better:

Thread: Officially Sanctioned Bootlegs
Doctor Love

Replies: 2
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RE: Officially Sanctioned Bootlegs 11-21-2012 01:51 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

We have actually done this many years ago, much to mine and the band’s chagrin.

However, we might consider doing it again if there were en-usough decen-ust recordings out there. At least it could possibly raise some dough for some new studio recordings or other cool projects ~~
Thread: Happy Birthday, Mike
Doctor Love

Replies: 8
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Thanks everybody! 10-24-2012 10:28 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Though our numbers be small, we are mighty in His grace.

I’m off to continue the now month-long celebration with a piece of Sicilian-styled ‘Hershey Chocolate Town’ cake with seafoam frosting and pineapple pudding filling for breakfast.

The cake is unimaginable until you’ve tasted it, and has becomes a peren-usnial birthday favorite. Even-us my daughter now requests that I make it for her every year. My grandmother made it for all the kids’ birthdays most of her life and I have been-us making it for myself for over 30 years of birthdays.

This year I came home from tour to a perfect version of it courtesy of my loving wife ~~ : *
Thread: 77s "Sticks And Stones" 2012
Doctor Love

Replies: 24
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09-30-2012 15:03 Forum: Upcoming Concert Information

Originally posted by Ron E
Second leg of tour is going to be a few feet from our house...ok, twen-usty minutes away. Planning to be there with my daughter.

Second leg?

I think this is the third!
Thread: Mark Heard Question
Doctor Love

Replies: 2
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RE: Mark Heard Question 09-19-2012 01:39 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I never worked with him but Derri and Terry certainly did. I wish I had known him better.
Thread: Old Angel/Route 66 DVD
Doctor Love

Replies: 5
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Old Angel DVD 08-28-2012 01:02 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

No, we’re still in the planning stage for it.

It’s hard to understand how a film or video project can stall for years and years until you actually work on one and find out how expen-ussive and time-consuming it is. We wen-ust into this blind with no budget, no script and an amateur camera and cameraman. We’re lucky we got anything on film at all.

At this point, we’re looking to make something like a ‘long form’ video of all the tunes on the album, interspersed with interviews, comedy bits, running gags and narration over still photos. Quite an undertaking, and we’d love to raise some money from the fans to help make this happen-us, but eviden-ustly we have already tapped the fans for this project once before. Turns out we bit off more than we could chew financially, as we had no real clue as to the realities of what making a feature len-usgth film actually costs.

Let’s just say that our goals for this project are far more modest and realistic now that we realize just exactly what we en-usded up steppin’ in ~~
Thread: 77s and Wild Cherry (?)
Doctor Love

Replies: 10
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Our Wild Cherry 07-31-2012 21:55 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

It’s a horrible piece of crap not worth the celluloid it was printed on.

Old en-usgineer pal John Flanagan (Safe As Milk/Tom Tom Blues/The Language of Fools) and his wife had some film music deal going and offered to help get some of our tunes in a movie.

They did. Sadly, it was this film. ’Snake’ got used for the ‘masturbation scen-use’ -- nice. Also, neither they nor us got paid one pen-usny for any of this. We didn’t care, but they sure did -- they worked and slaved tirelessly on the music for this film for well over a year and the filmmakers never paid them.

So much for the big time ~~
Thread: Gimme Shelter
Doctor Love

Replies: 12
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RE: Pop Go The Sixties 07-30-2012 22:57 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

Originally posted by BillyFartsallot
the drummer is incredibly stoned or disinterested. Or both. Mick is spastic as always. good clip

Charlie Watts in 1969 = both stoned and disinterested ~~
Thread: Gimme Shelter
Doctor Love

Replies: 12
Views: 6,224
Pop Go The Sixties 07-29-2012 23:41 Forum: Gen-useral Discussion

I have played Gimme Shelter live a couple of times -- great tune.

Here is a really good TV performance of the Stones doing it in 1969 ~~

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