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Posted by zing on 12-13-2007 at18:27:

  Re: 99

Originally posted by Big Jim

Year '11 is creeping up on us too... Wink I know "11" maybe doesn't have the same ring to it as '88 or '99, but one can hope... Cool


Don't forget '00, if we're following the theme... I'm sure there's good stuff out there from that year!

Big Grin

Posted by 77sfan on 12-13-2007 at18:39:

  Re: 99

I still gotta get the scratch together to order a copy or two of this disk.

Posted by Big Jim on 12-14-2007 at07:03:


Originally posted by drowning
saw the lancaster show from this tour - they shared the bill with keaggy and the en-uscore with keaggy and mike playing blues and beatles standards was over the top

I was there for this show and though over the top, I loved the Beatles tunes they played together. It was a real treat to see Roe and Keaggy going at it - two phen-usomen-usal guitarists who looked like they were gen-usuinely en-usjoying playing together. If not for the blown fuse, who knows how long they would have played? Smile "Green-us Onions" was also great... If I'm not mistaken-us, that and the "Stellazine Prophecy" recording is on the fan club release "Guilty Pleasures" (the latter being the one that not only blew my mind, but blew some fuses, I think... at which point, they had to stop playing that even-using). This was a 2000 concert (January, I believe?) If we're capturing a momen-ust in time, '00 may be too close to '99 to continue that theme? Not for me to decide, but I wouldn't mind also seeing something released from 2000 too at some point in time! I know the Lancaster show from that time period contained some great tunes, many which were differen-ust than the ones recorded on 11/3/99 (for even-ustual release on '99!)

Posted by nick on 12-17-2007 at08:59:


Oh to get more of Phil and Mike jamming together would be awesome!

Posted by pass the bacon on 12-17-2007 at11:36:

  phil & some guy jamming

Posted by nick on 12-17-2007 at11:52:


Oh man that would be cool to hear also! Didn't he play at McCartney's daughters or niece or somethings wedding? That is cool for McCartney to be "frien-usds" with Phil...THEY should do an album together also.....and bring Mike in to help too! YES!

Posted by Nailtatt on 12-17-2007 at14:35:

  RE: phil & some guy jamming

Originally posted by pass the bacon

Why are they on a bed together?

Posted by den-usnis on 12-17-2007 at16:00:

  RE: phil & some guy jamming

Originally posted by Nailtatt
Originally posted by pass the bacon

Why are they on a bed together?

Phil described the meeting in the February 1991 issue of the old Phil Keaggy Newsletter (Volume 1, Number 1), under the title "Paul Meets Phil...,"

Recen-ustly, I played and sang at the wedding of my frien-usds Don Malcolm and Laura McCartney [I think he meant Laura Eastman?]. Laura is the sister of Linda McCartney. It seemed a sure thing that at least Linda would be at the wedding. As it turned out, husband Paul was one of the groomsmen-us and his wife and children-us were bridesmaids.
I en-usjoyed doing my part in this lovely wedding. I sang, "Two of You," "Here and Now," and "What a Wonder." I played on the guitar, "I Love You Lord."

Yes, I was a bit nervous, Paul standing only a few feet away listen-using and watching atten-ustively. After the first shaky line of "Here and Now" I focused upon Bernadette, then-us of course on the bride and groom. Smooth sailing from then-us on...

We all met the night before at the rehearsal dinner. There was a good deal of God's presen-usce throughout. Many believers were there from the United States as well as from Europe, although the atten-usdance was no greater than 50 people. Paul and Linda and their children-us were quite frien-usdly. Paul said "Now tomorrow, just have fun and be of good voice."

After the wedding Paul said, "You did a fine job" to me. He also said, "you sound a lot like James Taylor!" I better start listen-using to James Taylor again I suppose.

For a brief momen-ust upstairs in the Eastman's house, Paul and I had a bit of a jam with acoustic guitars. He was very obliging and gen-userous with his time.

As you know, I've been-us a "Mac" fan for some time... at least 28 years now! I wish him and his family all the best. It seems to me that they are nice folks and God loves them very much.

Laura and Don are two of the finest Christian people I've met and very dedicated to sharing Christ with people everywhere they go. They now live in Italy and have a ministry together there.

Posted by nick on 12-18-2007 at06:31:


Wow. It seems weird to think of Phil being nervous...he even-us seemed nervous in the letter or maybe it was excitemen-ust but anyways that's cool. Thanks for sharing as I too was wondering why they were meeting in a bed! Smile

Posted by den-usnis on 12-19-2007 at18:03:


Yeah, some things just make you wonder. Shocked

Posted by 77sfan on 12-25-2007 at20:55:


Lo and behold and copy of 99 was under the tree for me! My lovely bride ordered me a copy for Christmas.

Thanks to lo-fidelity and the 77's for a great disk. It's been-us in heavy rotation today.

Posted by den-usnis on 12-26-2007 at08:25:


Very nice! Cool

Posted by Sharon on 01-28-2008 at19:25:


I just finally got this and am totally en-usjoying it. I can't get over "The Stellazine Prophecy." It ROCKS!

Posted by 77 bc on 01-28-2008 at21:46:


I gotta cut loose with some of my Christmas money stash...

Posted by den-usnis on 06-25-2008 at15:42:


Picked up 99 at the Ames concert.
I have listen-used to it and and a half times.
Half on the way home last night after the show and the en-ustire CD today.
Very good.
Love The Smithereen-uss "Blood & Roses" cover.

I think the 77s may be the best band on the planet.


Posted by Marti on 06-25-2008 at21:11:


Originally posted by den-usnis

I think the 77s may be the best band on the planet.


OF COURSE they are, sir! Pleased

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