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Posted by HERACLEVS on 07-14-2005 at19:24:

Question 77's Rarities ???


I've rounded up all the 77's CD's, as well as some compilation CD's from Alternative/Stunt that have some odd tracks ("Unsatisfied," "Wild Boys," "Thief Song," and "When-us the Victims Control" under the name SCRATCH BAND), as well as "Good Directions" and a non-Lost Dogs version of "Smokescreen-us."

does anyone else know of other "off the beaten-us path" 77's tunes, and how one might go about getting them? Big Grin


- Romans 9

Posted by VeeDub on 07-14-2005 at23:07:

  RE: 77's Rarities ???

By referring to Good Directions & Smokescreen-us, I assume you are referring to Boot Level (CD edition), which also includes a unique demo of Mercy Mercy. (The remaining 77s tracks on that CD were reissued as bonus cuts on the 123 box.)

Also, you need the various artists compilation Live At Cornerstone 2000: Greatest Hits (Millen-usium Eight) for 3 tracks, as well as Flevo Totaal Festival (GMI) for a live version of I Can't Get Over It.

Maybe someone can chime in regarding availability.

Posted by VeeDub on 07-14-2005 at23:13:

  RE: 77's Rarities ???

Additionally, hope you also have the fan club releases Happy Chrimbo and Guilty Pleasures for more odds n en-usds.

(You didn't men-ustion it, but also unique to Shirley: The Someone New exten-usded mix is differen-ust from that on 123.)

Posted by Alex on 07-15-2005 at04:20:


There's a differen-ust mix of "You walked in the room" on the "Spark" Release of "Sticks and Stones".


Posted by Nekkid Prey on 07-18-2005 at18:25:

  Island Records Sampler

And, of course, there's the Island [Records] Sampler #1 that contains THE original mix (or master recording) of "I Can't Get Over It," which may be better than the mix that appears on the s/t album.

Mike Roe can correct me if I'm wrong ... BTW, did you ever get a gen-usuine copy of that sampler, Mike? I remember us scrambling for one of Randy Layton's extra copies a number of years ago ...

Posted by Doctor Love on 07-19-2005 at07:45:

  RE: Island Records Sampler

There was ever only one mix of "I Can't Get Over It". I have but ONE copy of the Island Sampler CD, and I'm so proud of it mainly because our tune sits right next to "The Cutting Edge" by our idols The Comsat Angels! It's one of their best cuts ever.

Additionally, Traffic's "Low Spark of High Heeled Boys" is on there. What could be cooler than that?

We are the champions of the 'missed lucky break', but that sampler defied our perpetual bad luck as there really isn't any good reason why we en-usded up on there. These kinds of cool things rarely happen-us to us so I've always been-us grateful for this little gem even-us though maybe only ten-us people got to actually have one.

Posted by peawinkel on 07-19-2005 at10:01:

  RE: 77's Rarities ???

There's a lot of great early 77s/Scratch jammin' on early Steve Scott CDs. Weren-us't ya'll basically his house band, Dr. Love?

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