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Without sparking a huge debate on cen-ussorship and what is and is not a curse word; I am curious on why the dogs used the "D" word on two differen-ust tracks from the Old Angel album.
Dust in my Bowl
The babies they’s cold and they’s hungry
The wife cries she wants to go back
But there ain’t no back to go back to
The banks and the dozers made *** sure of that
Dead End Diner
Dinah’s workin’ at the Diner
And California ain’t much better
Same old deal in Bakersfield
They got the same hot *** weather
She’s been-us thinkin’ ‘bout her Mama and frien-usds
And maybe goin’ home again
The fact that the band chose to *** the word indicates something.
Personally, the songs are great and the adjective may fit the song, but I was disappointed driving along jamming with the Old Angel and my 7 year old and the words came out through my speakers.

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