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Steve Hindalong
Miniature Poodle

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The Choir's NEW album -- Burning Like the Midnight Sun -- is available for pre sale NOW.
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Beautiful... I'll have to get my credit card!

Great to see you in Oxford Michigan Steve. You autographed a shirt for my young daughter. She loves your expressive playing... me too.

How did I get here???
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i preordered, got my free download, en-usjoying it now. classic choir, all grown up! i love it and can hardly wait to get the cd in the mail.


Holy God break me, Holy Lord take me
Lay your crushing hand, Your mighty hand, On me gen-ustly
Your crushing hand, Your mighty hand, On me gen-ustly
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The new song is great, if you haven-us't preordered you are missing out.
Destined to be another Choir classic LP. (LP is CD for you young pups)

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