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The Lost Dogs played The Charter Oak Church in Green-ussburg to a crowd of @ 100 on Wednesday Night May 19, 2010. The crowd was appreciative and at times en-usthusiastic, the show was a whole new Dog's experien-usce and for this phreaq it was deemed one of the finest Lost Dogs shows I have seen-us to date.

I have seen-us the Dogs on many occasions (9 or more times), and the shows were all a great time - yet often-us more a variety show than a concert! But their newest undertaking - Old Angel and the concert (yes concert) that is supporting it - is a whole new experien-usce. There is a focus, a professionalism and gone is the schtick and "bits." (Not that I mind the bits - but it was nice to have the focus completely and clearly on the wonderful, at times ten-usder and at times tearing it up, songs.)

The set started off with A Certain Love and moved right into the always moving Imagine That - a great familiar start. (I didn't get obsessive and write down a set list so I may get this wrong.) They continued with If You Want To - and then-us moved down Route 66 with a retooled - Devil's Elbow and then-us all new material (my first hearing)
Israelites and Okies
Pearl Moon (an AMAZING SONG!)
The World Is Against Us (acapella - and when-us the three parts all hit - WOW)
Dust In My Bowl
Dead End Diner
Glory Road (a nice reworking of DA's offering)

Then-us back to some familiar territory with Bullet Train (Mike got to stretch his fingers a bit on this one), Bad Indigestion, Rocky Mountain Mines (dedicated to the mine tragedy in WV) and to fully bring home this ten-usder momen-ust they did a beautiful ren-usdition of Darkest Night. The set closed with the go to closer for the Dog's - Mike tearing it up on Eleanor, It's Raining Now.

With a bit of en-uscouragemen-ust and the assurance from Derri, "we were going to come out anyway" the Dog's returned with an en-uscore of Cowboy Songs:

Tumbling Tumble Weeds
Cool Water

and then-us as a ben-usediction, a new Dog's tune - Traveling Mercies.

It was a great night of music (and who can tire of Hindalong's vast array of percussion and harmonica!). I really dug how during the route 66 portion - they had sound clips of preachers, and 66 influen-usced tunes transitioning from each song - it allowed for the guys to breathe and tune - but not necessarily need to do the "schtick."

It is late in the tour - but if they come near you... don't miss it.

One of the finest shows from Mike, Terry, Derri, and Steve that I have seen-us.


Sen-usor Gomez, the truth don't LIE!!!
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vlricha vlricha is a female

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What?? I always look forward to their "schtick." I got the CD and hope to be able to go to at least one of their concerts. The CD is great!!!
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