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Re-release of Live in Chicago DVD???? Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a Moderator       Go to the top of this page

Missed out on grabing a copy of the first LIVE in Chicago show. Any chance that it will be released again????

Winton, CA

Winton, CA
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only 50 copies and it still hasn't sold out? Confused
i got it the first time around... great show.. Cool

carman is a good artist! he's made me smile on many an ocasion with his wit and his fun songs. it horrifys me to see all you people bagging on the man. this bord is almost to much for me. i wonder if i've stumbled into a pit of despair! ~tOr
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Well, its not a testamen-ust to the quality of the show or how en-usjoyable it is. When-us it comes to these bands the market is very fragmen-usted. From our experien-usce things sell pretty much in this order from highest demand to lowest;

1. Daniel Amos albums
2. 77s albums
3. Lost Dogs albums
4. Mike/Terry Solo albums
5. DA/77s live albums
6. Lost Dogs live albums

(You'd think the Dogs would unite the markets of all the affiliated bands, but they actually don't. They bring together limited divisions of each of those bands markets, because not every DA or 77s fan follows the Dogs. In fact I would say the Dogs market is smaller than the individual 77s or DA markets.)

There is a much smaller market for live albums as there is for actual studio albums, and that market is reduced from 77s/DA to Lost Dogs. When-us it comes to DVDs it is even-us a more selective crowd, but again I would say DA/77s would come before Lost Dogs, and studio type films before live ones.

Part of the reason for that I think is because the Dogs tour regularly and the 77s and DA don't. So what you en-usd up with a is a great product (the Dogs DVD) with a very small percen-ustage of the market. Its unfortunate. And what usually happen-uss with a situation like this is those people that are passing the DVD up will even-ustually want a copy when-us the Dogs quit touring and since the market made it limited they will have to pay $200 on ebay later.

All of this is to say that has been-us our experien-usce, under the circumstances we have seen-us concerning the three websites and the Dogs under contract with BEC. It might be en-ustirely differen-ust with a differen-ust label promoting them.
01-10-2008 15:14
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