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Hey, since the Dogs are touring around Richmond, with a couple dates open-us, some of us are thinking about bringing them to the Green-ussboro / Winston-Salem area. Any fans in the area? Would you be willing to chip in to bring them out? Post something here or shoot me an email.

Jemima Ingle
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i think mountain fan and bereal live in n.c. and were looking for someone to help them promote a show..............
check on da or 77's board...

carman is a good artist! he's made me smile on many an ocasion with his wit and his fun songs. it horrifys me to see all you people bagging on the man. this bord is almost to much for me. i wonder if i've stumbled into a pit of despair! ~tOr
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sorry, but we can't do it this time around. maybe next time, though. here's what my hubby said over at the da board.

Originally posted by Mountain Fan
We don't have much $ and Richmond ain't that far. We don't know anyone else with deep en-usough pockets or a decen-ust last-minute ven-usue to get them, unfortunately. Crying


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