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Make sure to join the Lost Dogs mailing list on the front page of their website. Here is the most recent newsletter:


Hello all -

We hope this scribbled letter finds you all well. We figured it was about time to gather everyone around the watering hole again to swap notes concerning The Lost Dogs' tours, albums, recording news, and other odds and ends.

Last summer, the men packed their bags and hit the road for what many fans (as well as the band themselves) said was perhaps the greatest Lost Dogs tour to date. Every night the band was taken aback by incredible audiences, wonderful venues, and tons of laughter. The Dogs had a grand time, night after night, playing their music for so many. Our email boxes filled up with fans thanking the band for their songs and performances.

It's hard to believe that this summer is already just around the bend. We're really excited about the next few months - a new album, two tours, and a small fortune of gas in the van. The band keeps kicking around the idea of doing this tour "plugged in" - amps, drum kit, rock and roll. The new album is a return to form (so to speak). You can see a couple of jotted down notes from Mike Roe, Terry Taylor and Derri Daugherty about the new album below.


"On behalf of Terry, Derri, Steve and myself, we cannot wait to see and play for all of you again, especially the songs from our wonderful new album entitled "The Lost Cabin And The Mystery Trees". These eleven new songs are a gift from us to you -- we have never stayed up later or worked harder to bring you our very best. We think you'll agree with us that this one is terrific -- another 'classic' along the lines of "Gift Horse" or "Real Men Cry". Real drums (courtesy of Steve H.) Real bass (from the great Tim Chandler) Loud electric guitars (mine and Derri's) Even some loud obnoxious rock and roll (thanks to Terry this time!) Gorgeous melodies and ballads (from all of us). Yes, it's a winner..." - Mike Roe

"Hindalong told me on the phone the other night that this may be the best record he's ever participated on. 'Really?' I said with a laugh. I was waiting for the punch line. It never came. I think he might be right... at least it's right up there. I got teary-eyed listening to the rough mixes when I got back home from Nashville - not because it was sad music, (in fact, a couple of tunes are screamingly funny) but because some great friends had come together and created a true thing of beauty. I hope you guys like it. We worked hard to make it happen, but believe me when I tell you that you're all worth it." - Terry Taylor

"I must say it's one of the best things we've ever recorded. Terry's telling great stories and writing great songs, Steve, Mike and I also wrote great songs for the cd. Mike is singing like an angel, I'm still singing like a girl, Steve is drumming his butt off and keeping us on track. I've had a great time making this cd with my closest friends. I hope we keep doing this until we leave this world." - Derri Daugherty


Listed below are the upcoming tour dates that have been confirmed. We want to bring The Lost Dogs to your area sometime this summer. They'll be on tour in the Midwest/South/Northeast/Canada from 6.29 (Thr) through 7.23 (Sun). If you're curious if a specific date is available and want to bring
them to your neck of the woods, write to the Dogs' booking agent: jesse@provisionnational.com. He'll get their suitcases packed, put their guitars in their hands and send them driving in your direction.

Summer Tour 2006
7.2 (Sun) Longview, TX @ TBA (jscorley@hotmail.com)
7.5 (Wed) Bushnell, IL @ Cornerstone Festival
7.6 (Thr) Rensselaer, IN @ Fellowship of Living Hope
7.7 (Fri) Roxana, IL @ Old Roxana Theater
7.9 (Sun) Aurora, IL @ Cornerstone Afterparty
7.13 (Thr) Washington, PA @ Vineyard Church
7.15 (Sat) Baltimore, MD @ TBA (NEvans@ConstellationDesign.com)

West Coast Tour 2006
9.22 (Fri) Everett, WA @ Calvary Chapel
9.23 (Sat) Bremerton, WA @ Roxy Theater
9.24 (Sun) Mountlake Terrace, WA @ Calvary Fellowship
9.25 (Mon) WA @ CC Northwest Pastors conference
9.26 (Tue) Winston, OR @ TBA
9.27 (Wed) Portland, OR @ Wonder Ballroom
9.28 (Thr) Sacramento, CA @ The Underground
9.29 (Fri) Oakland, CA @ Regeneration
9.30 (Sat) San Bernardino, CA @ TBA
http://thelostdogs.com | http://myspace.com/thelostdogsmusic
Booking: jesse@provisionnational.com, 502-271-7644


Experience the music.
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so... another new album on the way... any tour news...??? Looks like the summer dates are filling really well. Does this mean good things for the fall too?

How did I get here???
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Ron E. - you're kind of right, but I think you got lost in a time warp. Smile The initial post you were responding to was from May 2006 - the new album they were talking about was "Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees". They were talking about the initial tour to support that album. However, it is true that there is a new Lost Dogs album based on their road experiences on Route 66 last September that we are anxiously awaiting!!: samples of a coupla songs can be found at http://myspace.com/thelostdogsmusic. Beyond Cornerstone, I'm not aware of the Dogs touring this summer.

However, there is good news!! Mike Roe is bringing along special guest Michael Miller to tour after Cornerstone in July. One of these shows I am promoting in East Brunswick, NJ on Tuesday, 7/21. Terry Scott Taylor and Steve Hindalong are also touring with Terry's son Andrew in July. If all goes well, Terry and Friends will also be in East Brunswick, NJ on Sunday, 7/12. These are shows you definitely don't want to miss if they are coming to your area. You can check out http://www.LAMConcerts.com for all of the latest info on both of these tours!!

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