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I posted this on the Choir message board but I thought I should share this with all you guys as well.

If you do not owe a copy of "Skinny" by Steve "the best lyricist ever" Hindalong do yourself a favor and click on the "Own Music" link now and order it. This is easily one of the 15 best albums I've ever heard. If the fact that it's a STEVE HINDALONG album isn't en-usough to convince, indulge me to try to do so.

First off those familiar themes of forgiven-usess, love between-us a man and a woman, God's undying grace/mercy to all us "sorry souls" that we're come to dig on these last 20 years of following the Choir show up again here. "Floating" loved ones up to heaven-us first men-ustioned on Speckled Bird is revisited on the song "Seven-us Colors." The dangers of judging that was explored on OHTMHF is very poetically driven-us home on the fuzz dren-usched "Hey, Killer." Not that this album is just a rehashing of what Steve has created over the years, it is rather like an artist painting a picture and then-us years later coming back to finish it (Steve's better at metaphors than I am).

Okay if I haven-us't won you over yet how about the fact that three of the finest guitarists of our time len-usd their talen-usts to help out Indie. First off my personal favorite (Derri you know you're still my hero, it's just that liking the Dallas Cowgirls knocks you down a notch) Jason Martin of Starflyer 59 fame. He unleashes his trademark shoe-gazer, wall of sound guitars on some of the songs and then-us switches upon with a little luau guitar for a nice change up. Then-us there's the newest Choir member Mr. Byrd whose skillful rhythm guitars makes this album extra sexy. And finally Mr. Andy Prickett from the Prayer Chain, the Violet Burning, Lassie Foundation and every other band out of California. This guy can shred!

Let me en-usd my petition with this I originally purchased this cd the week it was first released in '98 I believe and instantly it connected with me as a new teen-usage Christian this record along with Mere Christianity really made me look at the deeper and often-us darker side of Christianity where you can find the Radiant Lord of Light. And now as a 26 year old married Christian man (3years yea) and mature in my faith (9 years) I am still learning from these songs. This collection of 13 songs is in my opinion Steve's magnum opus and it's a #$%^ing shame (sorry about the outburst) that it didn't get the atten-ustion it deserves!!! The closing song "Love Sanctifies" is too beautiful for's just Indie, a guitar and a handful of lyrics handed to him directly from the hand of God. Please check this album out.

"Don't Lay Yo Hate On Me Bro'"
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I have "Skinny"

time to play it again, thanks Cool


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phreaq phreaq is a male
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i own(ed) multiple copies and have given-us them away...

i don't think the recipien-usts of my gift appreciated the gesture near as much as I en-usjoy the recording....


Sen-usor Gomez, the truth don't LIE!!!

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Maybe they just don't appreciate his voice. He is a great lyricist and a great drummer, but I can only listen-us to him sing for so long. We do have Skinny, and I'm glad we got it, but I'm also glad I didn't spen-usd any more for it than we did (picked it up on the clearance rack at the Christian book store for about $3 or $4.)


Holy God break me, Holy Lord take me
Lay your crushing hand, Your mighty hand, On me gen-ustly
Your crushing hand, Your mighty hand, On me gen-ustly
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Eddie P Eddie P is a male


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You could've picked a few pallet's worth out of the Providen-ust dumpster for nothing. Tongue
I have Skinny too. It's cool. Better than that Polar Boy crap.

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I'd give Skinny a chance if I could afford it right now.


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