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The last time the Lost Dogs were here in Athen-uss GA (Mike Roe was here last night and it reminded me of this story) was in October of 2004. The local music rag, the Flagpole, men-ustioned who was in the band and where they were playing.

A few months ago, a frien-usd called me saying "Hey! The Lost Dogs are in town!" playing at some bar. He and I were both surprised because the appearance didn't show up on their tour calen-usdar, and in fact, the LDs were not even-us on tour at the time. I wen-ust out and got the Flagpole, and sure en-usough, it said the Lost Dogs were playing, with Taylor, Roe, and Daughertry specifically men-ustioned. We weren-us't about to miss out, so we headed downtown, me with my stack of CDs for them to sign.

We get to the dive - I mean, bar - and pretty soon this awful big-hair heavy metal cover band comes out. A half hour into the set we realized that someone had screwed up. It turns out the cover band was the Lost Dogs Band (see for an idea of what we witnessed), but the Flagpole had pulled the old Lost Dogs band lineup from their database.

Needless to say, my frien-usds - whom I had convinced HAD to see this show! - were not very impressed. The moral of the story is that The Lost Dogs band is not the same as the Lost Dogs Band. You gotta watch what you're doing!


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I wouldn't be to happy if I wen-ust to see the Dogs and it turned out to be just a bunch of dogs. Tongue


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there is also a band from australia called the lost dogs that features a couple of well-known singer-songwriters.

- pnb


Experien-usce the music.
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Think Buddy Miller used the name a long time ago.

I actually got a concert video once someplace that had the name "The Choir" on the label, turns out it was some other band that later changed their name.
02-16-2006 14:59
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