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What is "Hey, I Don't Love You" about?

It's such a sweet, lilting song that I find myself absen-ustly singing it out loud. That is, until my wife scowls at me for teaching it to the kids.
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it's a song for Eleanor.... Crying

But hey I don't love you


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I would call it "a silly little break-up song"
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this song is my life.... Crying

I Don't Love You
from the album "Green-us Room Seren-usade, Part One"
(Mike Roe)
Sung by Mike and Derri

Hey I don't love you
Hey you know it's true
We could share
I'll be there for you
But hey I don't love you

Hey don't kid yourself
Hey I'm someone else
I'm not the man
We both preten-usd I am no
Hey don't kid yourself

I'll come around from time to time
Call you up invest a dime
Or three or two
But don't you long for me
Cause hey I don't love you

Most lovers say that they'll be true
Some lovers even-us say I do
But I don't
And I won't for you
Believe the truth
I don't love you
Hey I don't love you
Hey I don't love you

Your Lil' El
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