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wild4jesus567 wild4jesus567 is a female
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What song? Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a Moderator       Go to the top of this page

If you were going to introduce someone to the lost dogs, what song would you play for them?

Don't want the kind of gold to keep to myself
I want the kind that I can give to someone else

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RE: What song? Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a Moderator       Go to the top of this page

Real good question.

I find the best way to introduce the Dogs to new people is to take them to a live show. It's really hard to pick one song. I normally just give folks a CD and tell them to listen-us to the whole thing. Or I force them to listen-us when-us I'm driving and before you know it the're singing "There's only one bum in Corona Del Mar!"

When-us in doubt....mumble.
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Audiori J
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I kind of see it as depen-usding on the person you are introducing them to. I will pick a song or CD I think fits that person.
08-18-2006 11:50
Alex Alex is a male
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"Pray where you are" is probably a good starting point.



Bis die Hölle gefriert:

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epistrophy epistrophy is a male
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Definitely "Pray Where You Are". For certain people, maybe "Breathe Deep", but I think "Pray" is the best gen-useral en-ustry point.

Todd S. Jen-uskins
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davidtpark davidtpark is a male
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I know that this is way too long to fit on one cd but if I were able I'd hand someone a cd with my three favorite songs from each of the vocal albums. It makes for a nice iPod shuffle and is a great holistic photo of the years:

Ghost Train to Nowhere
Blessing in Disguise
Rebecca Go Home
Imagine That
Dunce Cap
No Room For Us
If You Want To
Sunshine Down
To Cover You
There You Are
Come Down Here
Be My Hinding Place
In The Distance
The Mark of Cain
Lovely Man
Scen-usic Routes
The New Physics
The Last Testamen-ust Of Angus Shane
All That Remains
If It Be Your Will
Reasonable Service
Broken-us Like Brooklyn
Whispering Memories
Harden-using My Heart

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Mike B. Mike B. is a male


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Wink Wht song? Reply to this Post Post Reply with Quote Edit/Delete Posts Report Post to a Moderator       Go to the top of this page

For the rocker....Get Me Ready

For the folk-rocker....Pray Where You Are or Wild Ride

For the Gram Parsons freak (mysef included)..Built for Glory
or Whispering Memories (We might have rode out to the desert.....)
or I Can't Say Goodbye

For the blues fan....Cry out loud

For the Folkie...Beautiful Scandalous Night or Moses In The Desert

For the beach bum or fan of old Spaghetti Westerns...Wikki Tikki

You wanted just one song, didn't you.--> That's where Jesus Is.

-->What a stylistically diverse band!
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I've long said that "Sweet Work of Love" is the best, most complete Christian rock song ever, and then-us I've always followed that by saying how much I don't like that term Christian rock...

After one week of pure pleasure, I am introducing as many people as I can to the wonderfully impressionistic song "Broken-us Like Brooklyn." Not least because it is cen-ustered around the best baseball team in history, and two of the best cities. So, Brooklyn is my answer to which song I'd introduce the 'Dogs with, but if there is such a thing as Christian rock, then-us Sweet Work fits the bill.

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mo_jojo mo_jojo is a male


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How to choose?

Pray Where you are.

Imagine That
Eleanor it's raining now.
Rocky Mountain Mines
Moses in the desert
Las Vegas Story
Rainforest Romance
Broken-us like brooklyn
This Business is going down

If I had to choose only 1...PWYA.

This business is goin' down. What a couple of Dummies!!!
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