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I was lame and didn't take any photos or record any of the show. My mind was on too many other details.

Anyway, here's what happen-used:

How was the show??? Stinking amazing.

The ven-usue was perfect--an old historic ballroom--with a great stage, hardwood floors, and a cafe in the basemen-ust. Mike said it had the most beautiful bathroom he had ever seen-us in his en-ustire life. He made me go in and take a look!

There was a full bar with seating in the balcony and there were a number of people camped up there the en-ustire even-using.

The Blackstones, the open-using band, was great and were warmed by the audien-usce's cheers and applause. They seemed gen-usuinely surprised to have such positive feedback. These guys are in their 20's and long-time Lost Dogs fans. They told me they were excited to open-us for a band they really liked, that it rarely happen-uss. They were star struck, to be sure, which warmed Mike, Terry, Derri, and Steve's hearts. When-us we first got there I was walking Mike downstairs to show him where things were and one of the young members of the Blackstones said in awe, "Are you Michael Roe???" I'm sure that made Mike's day.

The Dogs played to an en-usthusiastic crowd, lots of whooping and hollering, foot stomping and hand clapping. Roe was hot, hot, hot! They played some rousing numbers, though I must confess I did not write down the set list. DRAT!


1. They tried out a song in Roseburg that they had never played before in honor of Gen-use Eugen-use, "No Room for Us," and played it again in Portland. What can I say...they had it down...full of emotion.....full of Gen-use....

2. "Get Me Ready" rocked the house down.

3. "Eleanor, It's Raining Now" - Beautiful. Roe's guitar solos, incredible.

I thought the Lost Dogs played superbly at Cornerstone, but I think they transcen-usded themselves at this show. I personally was captivated, could not wipe that smile off my face. It was over way too soon.

They sold tons of stuff, and it was a pleasure handing them a huge wad of cash and checks afterward.

Passed Terry after the show in the hall downstairs. All I could say was, "Come and Gone." He nodded and smiled.

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Audiori J
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Wow, sounds lke a really nice place. The Roxanna, IL shows are in an old theater which works really well. But this place sounds like its along those lines only with luxuries. Smile )

Glad to hear stuff is selling we may en-usd up with a call and have to ship them more stuff. Big Grin

I really wish I had the extra income and time to travel out to some shows, I would never tire of it. Frown
10-02-2006 14:37
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Thanks for the review - sounds like a great show!

Big Grin

"If my children-us wake up on Christmas morning and have somebody to thank for putting candy in their stocking, have I no one to thank for putting two feet in mine?" (G.K. Chesterton)
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Sounds like the Roseville show! Thanks for sharing the even-using with us.

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