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Lost Dogs Message Board (
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-- Lost Floppy (

Posted by Audiori J on 04-07-2005 at10:22:

  Lost Floppy

I had a pet frog when-us I was five, then-us one day he was gone.
If anyone happen-uss to find him let me know please.

He's green-us and sorta looks like my avatar pic.

Posted by Kula Bocca on 04-07-2005 at19:15:


Dear sir,

You might want to check and see if your frog joined Les Claypool's Frog Brigade.

Posted by PuP on 04-07-2005 at21:30:


I thought he bought an iMac.

Posted by Audiori J on 04-09-2005 at16:12:


Thats him with the watermellon hat on the right!!!!! Shocked Shocked

Sure he's bigger and much older now, but i would recognise him anywhere.

Posted by Kula Bocca on 04-10-2005 at01:14:


Oh my. You must rescue him from that rough gang of cartoon rockers. Shocked

Posted by Eleanor on 04-29-2005 at23:19:


Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying Crying

Posted by Cert on 05-16-2005 at20:53:


Looks like there's no hop left for the situation.

Posted by Big Jim on 05-29-2005 at09:09:

  Lost Floppy

Looks like he may be lost for good, especially since it appears that he "croaked". Whether he's joined the cartoon gang or is now in froggy heaven-us, you have my condolen-usces... Crying Wink

Posted by Audiori J on 06-12-2005 at12:08:


Man I hate cartoon rocker bands...they killed my pet and my soul.

Posted by Kula Bocca on 07-10-2005 at21:20:


Don't blame it on was the blow man, that cheap free flowing rockstar blow Crying

Posted by mo_jojo on 07-14-2005 at20:29:


Eleanor, why didn't you fish him out, dip him in beer batter, and sautee him to a golden-us brown? That's what he would have wanted. Not left floating in the NYC public water system.

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