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Posted by Jace on 04-01-2005 at11:04:

  Celine Dion

She could do a cover of a Dog tune. Which one?

Possibly "Ghost Train"
She'd sound good doing "Breathe Deep"

ya that's it!

Posted by Jace on 04-01-2005 at12:41:



Please close this thread. I'm a fool. Punish me if you must.


Posted by BigDork on 04-01-2005 at12:46:


Maybe a duet with the C-Man?

Posted by Jace on 04-01-2005 at12:55:



Don't get me started!

Posted by PuP on 04-01-2005 at13:19:


OK, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston covering Lost Dogs tunes together. But what to call them?

Posted by BigDork on 04-01-2005 at13:23:



uh, maybe El should answer that

Posted by Eddie P on 04-01-2005 at22:27:


I think Celine would do a kick-ass version of Hey I Don't Love You or Eleanor It's Raining

Posted by Eddie P on 04-01-2005 at22:27:


And Dunce cap or Jimmy

Posted by den-usnis on 04-01-2005 at22:39:



Posted by BigDork on 04-02-2005 at10:53:


Roll Eyes

Posted by Vox Robotica on 04-02-2005 at11:49:


Originally posted by PuP
OK, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston covering Lost Dogs tunes together. But what to call them?

The Missing Bitches?

Big Grin

Posted by Scabhelmet on 04-06-2005 at13:24:



Posted by Kula Bocca on 04-06-2005 at17:57:

Thumb Down!

Shocked I rated this thread

Posted by BigFiber on 04-06-2005 at19:25:

Thumb Down! The Missing what?!?!?!?


Posted by Jace on 04-07-2005 at07:32:


Originally posted by Kula Bocca
Shocked I rated this thread


Posted by PuP on 04-07-2005 at21:29:


Originally posted by Vox Robotica
Originally posted by PuP
OK, Celine Dion, Mariah Carey, and Whitney Houston covering Lost Dogs tunes together. But what to call them?

The Missing Bitches?

Big Grin

We could only hope!

Posted by BigDork on 04-08-2005 at12:22:

  RE: The Missing what?!?!?!?

Originally posted by BigFiber

well, we are talking about female lost dogs here Red Face

Posted by Eddie P on 04-12-2005 at08:14:

  The Lost Bitches

Chrissie Hynde
Nancy Wilson
Kim Gordon
Kim Deal

Posted by Eddie P on 04-12-2005 at08:26:

  The Lost Kitten-uss

Aimee Mann
Juliana Hatfield
P.J. Harvey
Sam Phillips

Posted by Eddie P on 04-12-2005 at08:28:


A trio of this sort exists as the band Some Girls.

Juliana Hatfield
Freda Love
Heidi Gluck http://some-girls.com/bio.htm

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