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Posted by CMPDon on 07-15-2010 at01:21:

  Lost Dogs in OKC, OK 7/14/10

Great show tonight - I'll post pics a little later. I don't have a set list, but much of the new album was played... "Traveling Mercies" was the sendoff. The guys hung around and visited with the fans, such as we were (maybe 100?)

Posted by CMPDon on 07-15-2010 at10:43:


Couple of cellphone snaps:

Posted by CMPDon on 07-15-2010 at10:44:


More pix:

Posted by CMPDon on 07-15-2010 at12:20:


Songs I remember being played:

Israelites and Okies
Dancin' on the Devil's Elbow
Turn it Around
The Glory Road - this is a great song live
America's Main Street
Dust in my Bowl
The World is Against Us - one of the highlights of the show!
Carry Me (I think - not positive this was played)

Sons of the Pioneers set - Tumbling Tumbleweeds and Cool Water
Breathe Deep (The Breath of God)
No Room for Us - dedicated to Gene Eugene

Traveling Mercies

This is not a complete list. Additions appreciated.

Posted by THX1136 on 08-22-2010 at16:20:


If they did the same songs as they did here at Zeke's you can add these:

Bullet Train
Bad Indigestion
Imagine That
No Room For Us
Moses in the Desert

As always, I was going to write them all down afterwards, but didn't and now I can't remember them all. It was a great show here as I am sure it was for you folks.

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