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Posted by Big Jim on 04-14-2010 at15:27:

Cool Lost Dogs East Brunswick NJ show - 5/17/10

For those who live in the NJ/NY/east PA area, come see the Lost Dogs in concert in East Brunswick at the Zimmerman residence on 5/17/10! Hurry - space is limited!

For more details, visit the following website: http://mysite.verizon.net/vzeslyb9/lostdogsconcert

The above site is also the only place where you can purchase advance tickets (via Paypal from the website)

You can also send an e-mail to Dean Zimmerman with any questions: dwzimmer@rci.rutgers.edu

For those who do Facebook, a FB Events page has also been set up there - this is one of the primary means for Dean and I (the promoter/host types) to track who is intending. Look us up and RSVP!

Several of those who saw the Lost Dogs show I promoted back in 2007 have already signed up to attend as have many who saw the Taylor and Friends and Roe/Miller shows at the Zimmerman's in July 2009!

Thanks... Hope to see you there... You don't want to miss it if you can help it...

Jim O'Dell

Posted by Big Jim on 05-18-2010 at09:39:

  Last Night's show - East Brunswick

Last night's show in East Brunswick, NJ was phenomenal... Thanks to everyone who came out. Thanks especially to Dean and Tami Zimmerman, the ever gracious hosts, without whom this would have not have been possible. They did a supreme job. The band sounded top notch - of course, this can be attributed to the band themselves, but the sound guys (Kevin...and Jeff?) did a phenomenal job too with oversight from Dean... Dean has a good thing going with these basement concerts and I was thrilled to be a part of promoting this. Terry, Mike, Derri and Steve, as always, were great to hang with. Just great guys. Can't wait to do this again...

Jim O'Dell

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