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Posted by micahz on 08-29-2009 at05:38:

  gene eugene's song - jimmy

I'm new here, but I am a long time fan. The song "Jimmy" from Little Red Riding Hood is amazing. So, I was startled to hear it being sung by Jesse Sprinkle of Poor Old Lu on his latest solo album, "Unnoticed." Jesse calls the song "Alexandra" and as far as I can tell, with minimal research, he gives no credit to Gene.
I have no interest in stirring trouble, just credit where credit is due.
Anybody hear the song?
Does Jesse credit Gene?
Micah Z

Posted by kyle on 09-11-2009 at10:42:

  RE: gene eugene's song - jimmy

i've not heard Sprinkle's version - might have to look for it sometime...

shame to hear if he didn't give credit where credit's due...

and for the record, Little Red Riding Hood is my favorite Lost Dogs CD... Big Grin

Posted by micahz on 09-21-2009 at13:23:

  RE: gene eugene's song - jimmy

thanks for the response. With a little more research I discovered that i-tunes is the culprit. Jesse Sprinkle does cover the song Jimmy, however, in the audio file for Alexandra they have the audio for Jimmy. On other sites, the real audio for Alexandra is available.


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