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Posted by derek in az on 09-25-2008 at12:26:

  EPIC show at the wigwam motel

Who was there?
It was a full set-up, about 2 hrs. and 15 minutes. Met some great people - (crowd was approx. 25-30?)

It was a 5 train-er. The dogs literally had to compete with the train tracks right behind the motel. Hilarity ensued.

The setlist: (off memory, fill in the blanks, anyone)

Imagine That
Bullet Train
Tumblin' Tumbleweeds/Cool Water (Steve: waaaaaaater)
get your kicks on route 66
glory road
if you want to
broken like brooklyn
Eleanor it's raining
that's where Jesus is
Knockin' on heaven's door

(might be out of order)

no cozy dog jingle

so what was meant to be a simple 3 or 4 song acoustic show turned into a "magic" evening. How often to you get a full lost dogs show as the sun sets on the painted desert and concrete wigwams?

From here on out: Lost Dogs at Wigwam Motel = LEGENDARY

who has a bootleg? ;-)

Posted by Fifi77 on 09-25-2008 at13:36:

  Don't forget Winona!!!

I was there!

I got a bunch of pics to upload....some amazing stories to share.....no bootleg, though....although we did shoot some amateur video with one of the cameras we brought!

I keep having to pinch myself to convince myself that last night was NOT a dream Cool


Posted by Fifi77 on 09-27-2008 at10:41:

  Amazing stories of my time with members of The Lost Dogs @ Wigwam Motel

We drove up to Holbrook, AZ to see The Lost Dogs on their Glory Road Route 66 tour. The guys were absolutely brilliant. As always. What was supposed to be a 4 to 5 tune show turned out to be over 2 hours!! The rabid Lost Dogs fans were amazed by the doggies new tricks and treats! It was totally hilarious the way the guys dealt with being upstaged by trains whistling in the back of the Wigwam Motel while they were performing!

You're gonna love the DVD and CD that they're making from this tour. Mike Roe told me they're also going to compile a book of their adventures on The Mother Road. All of this thanks to the amazing talents of Jimmy Abegg who is travelling The Mother Road along with the Lost Dogs shooting film, photos, & assisting with other tasks.

For the past couple of days I've tried to decide if I wanted to do the obligatory concert review or be more transparent and share personal stories from my time spent with members of The Lost Dogs. I opted for the second choice.

I was taking pics of the show so I was in the back with Jimmy Abegg some of the time. I hadn't seen Jimmy since we promoted The Homeless Man Tour in Phoenix, AZ back in 1999 & when I said "hi" to Jimmy & reminded him that I was the one who made the incredibly strong coffee for him he immediately gave me the biggest, warmest hug ever. Thanks Jimmy! We talked for a few minutes and then it was back to taking photos of the incredible Lost Dogs!

After the concert, my daughter and I went to the front of the Wigwam Motel to take some more pics and just as I was taking a pic Mike Roe came up to chat with us! Wow! Even though I've known Mike Roe for 13 years I was so stoked to see him again. We talked about personal stuff and he also shared that in addition to the Lost Dogs coming out with a DVD and CD they were also going to publish a book! I can't wait! We talked some more and then re-joined the crowd.

As my daughter and I were sitting on the bench, Steve Hindalong and my husband came over to talk to us! Pinch me, someone, I must be dreaming! We began talking and then I mentioned how much "God of Wonders" has blessed me. I shared with him that I used to play a Grand Piano at a restaurant in Phoenix, AZ and that I would play worship tunes & the patrons would come up and tell me how beautiful the song "God of Wonders" was (of course they didn't know the name of it). Before I knew it Steve had gone & brought back a guitar ~ he sang that song to us & shared how the song was birthed!! Smile I still get tears in my eyes when I think of that moment as I'm writing this. Steve is just so amazing and it was so humbling to me that Steve would take the time to sing for my li'l family. Thanks Steve! He went on to share with us a new song that he's working on about Bill Hickock!! You guys are gonna love it Smile

While we were still talking to Steve Hindalong, Jimmy Abegg came over & joined us. We all then visited for a while. Then Jimmy said he wanted to take a look at his wigwam. So we all went over sans Steve and checked it out! On the way back, Jimmy shared with us that him and Mike Roe are going to be working on a project! Yeah!!! Smile

Terry Scott Taylor autographed my "Surfonic Water Revival" cd (Mike Roe did, too) Surfonic Water Revival has been one of my ultimate fave cd's since its' release nearly a decade ago. Thanks Terry! Smile

Sadly, I did not get to personally talk to Derri Daugherty. I've always talked to Derri and I missed his friendly smile and kindness this time around. Sorry, Derri. Next time, though! Smile

The Lost Dogs are gettin' ready to make their way to the Santa Monica Pier for their beach party. If you want to be in the skit they're going to include in their upcoming DVD ~ bring your sleeping bag!!!


Posted by Fifi77 on 09-27-2008 at11:17:

  Slideshow of The Lost Dogs @ Wigwam Motel



Posted by smackeral on 09-27-2008 at12:00:


Yup, FABULOUS show! Perfect weather and sunset, wigwams, antique cars, train whistles, camping lanterns, dog wandering through the gear, slightly inebriated passer-by joining in, visitors from Liverpool, jet-setters from Sacramento, grandparents with grandbaby, devoted fans and everything in between. Oh yes, and the Dogs were there, too. How much more ambience could you ask for?

We had promoted a couple of Dog shows in Phoenix in the past, so it was great to reconnect with the many folks we’ve met before and share stories and memories. The Dogs were funny and friendly as always. I drifted off to sleep to the strains of Mike Roe singing with gusto “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” outside his wigwam at midnight.

The guys filmed a couple more skits the next morning before hitting the road. We traveled with them as far as Flagstaff, then said our good-byes and headed home. I can’t wait for the multi-media product so we can relive our adventure endlessly and see what hijinx they’ve been up to elsewhere along the Route.

Great fun!

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