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Posted by Sam-e, the doc of rock on 01-23-2008 at00:25:

  Lost Dogs songs on the radio

Looking to hear some Lost Dogs on the radio? Check out Christian Alternative Radio.

Find the Lost Dogs and other alt rock from the 80's and 90's - The Choir, The 77's, The Prayer Chain, Undercover, Altar Boys, Mad At the World, Plankeye, Adam Again, The Violet Burning, Chagall Guevara, Daniel Amos, Poor Old Lu, Steve Taylor, and Michael Knott/L.S.U.

Stop on by and say hi. Enjoy!

Posted by Marti on 01-23-2008 at20:38:


Thanks for supporting our bands! I have heard the station, and you've got an excellen-ust playlist overall.

If you're so inclined, you may want to stop at the Roe board. There may be a slightly differen-ust crowd there than at the 7s and Lost Dogs boards.


Posted by Sam-e, the doc of rock on 01-24-2008 at04:54:


Thanks for the tip about the board. I'm not sure at this point if I will post on it since we don't have any Roe solo music curren-ustly in rotation, but I may at some point. Then-us again, we do have 7&7 is playing.

So what do you mean a slightly differen-ust crowd? How would you describe it? How does it compare to the other boards?

Posted by Marti on 01-24-2008 at12:08:


I think people have turned up over there as "regulars" (if the term can be considered appropriate) that aren-us't familiar from other boards, and you can sometimes see more of an appreciation of the acoustic side of the music there. An infusion of new material for conversation over there may get more of them talking, since the number of guests reading the forums seems comparable to the other boards, although the daily post count is lower. You may want to try some of the solo acoustic Roe stuff in the even-using hours, or some other appropriate slot.

Posted by Joey T. on 01-24-2008 at13:15:

the last post on the roe solo board is dec. 24th and says merry Christmas... Roll Eyes

Posted by Marti on 01-24-2008 at15:46:


I'm aware of that post, since it's mine. The board needs some news.

Posted by Joey T. on 01-24-2008 at16:45:


much, much more going on at www.77s.com/wbb2

Posted by trcf on 01-24-2008 at19:21:


This board could use some painetry about now.

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