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Posted by Big Jim on 12-12-2007 at11:33:

  Lost Dogs - We Like to Have Christmas

For all of those who have the Christmas CD based on attending a recent concert or who have received it in the mail, how about a review?

Me, I'm still waiting and eagerly anticipating mine to arrive in the mail...

~Jim O.

Posted by vlricha on 12-13-2007 at10:22:

  Lost Dogs Christmas CD

I love the Lost Dogs Christmas CD and have listened to it everyday since I got it. From the Chipmunk Song, which is hilarious, all the way through to Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas, are all done in the usual great way the Lost Dogs do all their songs. Steve sang on Here Comes Santa Claus/Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and like the other three, did a fantastic job. The way they did O Holy Night made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. All of the songs, White Christmas, Silent Night could not have been done any better. The Song for the Day After Christmas, Babe in the Straw and Plastic Baby Jesus all honor the Christ child and do a fantastic job of putting what it's all about into perspective. The Big Fruitcake from Hell (something we all know about too well Big Grin ) is also great and last but not least, the way they did Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas was like (to me) hearing it for the first time. All in all, it is a great CD and you will be glad you have it. Check out the picture under the CD (also fantastic!!) Merry Dogmas!

Posted by jyroflux on 12-13-2007 at18:17:

  RE: Lost Dogs Christmas CD

Sounds great! I can't wait until mine arrives. Yours made it all the way to Washington (and you've listened to it for days?) so maybe I'll get mine tomorrow here in San Diego.

I don't think I've ever heard Steve sing. Maybe it's because I only have one Choir CD. Red Face

Posted by lam77s on 12-13-2007 at20:32:

  RE: Lost Dogs Christmas CD

Originally posted by jyroflux
Sounds great! I can't wait until mine arrives. Yours made it all the way to Washington (and you've listened to it for days?) so maybe I'll get mine tomorrow here in San Diego.

Well, she was one of the lucky ones who picked up their CD at the Lake Stevens, WA Christmas show. You will love it when you get it. It is definitely worth the wait.


Posted by Big Jim on 12-13-2007 at22:16:

Cool I would like to have the Lost Dogs Christmas CD

Thanks for the review vlricha! Looking forward to this...

My last post was # 77, so I was reticent to post anything else... Smile Oh well...

Posted by jyroflux on 12-14-2007 at19:13:


I got mine today! It's the greatest Christmas CD since Elvis' original 1957 Christmas album. The intro from Dr. E.D. Taylor is a special treat.

Posted by vlricha on 12-27-2007 at10:31:

  Lost Dogs Christmas CD

I was just listening to the Lost Dogs Christmas CD again and started thinking about how many times I must have heard O Holy Night and Silent Night throughout the years, but I really don’t recall ever having heard those two songs done more beautifully than by the Lost Dogs (music and vocals). You don’t suppose it has anything to do with the guys knowing to Whom they sing?

Posted by UnderDawg on 12-27-2007 at20:34:

  RE: Lost Dogs Christmas CD

Still waiting for my copy. Can't wait to find out how it sounds. How long did it take for yours to arrive?

Posted by Zudrak on 12-28-2007 at07:31:


I am waiting for mine to arrive, as well. I regret that after Turkey Day I have not been online as often as usual, so I missed the news about the release until the 2nd week of December. :\

Posted by vlricha on 12-28-2007 at10:09:

  RE: Lost Dogs Christmas CD

If it's coming by USPS, it shouldn't take too long to get it now that the Christmas rush should be over for awhile. If you ordered from lo-fidelity, you can e-mail them to find out when it was sent. Hope you get it soon, it is the greatest Christmas CD ever. I hope the Lost Dogs do another one for next year. Tongue

Posted by Audiori J on 12-28-2007 at15:10:


Yeah if it was from LostDogs.com I believe every order that came in before Christmas was shipped before Christmas. Domestic orders usually take a week or so via USPS, but international orders range from two to six weeks via air mail. But those estimates might be conservative around the holiday season.

Posted by UnderDawg on 12-28-2007 at17:35:


Hey thanks for answering. I ordered it in December, but I think it was through the77s. com. Any idea what their shipping situation is?

Posted by audiori on 12-28-2007 at18:20:


Exactly the same. Big Grin Its the same store actually.

Generally, the earliest orders went out immediately.. as it got closer to Christmas, things always get messier. There were some that came in a few days before Christmas that went out after Christmas for example... just no other way around it. I think we also had a couple that got held up for one reason or another.

If you want to PM me your name, I can check on your order specifically.

Posted by UnderDawg on 12-28-2007 at20:59:


I appreciate the help. I'm sure it'll show up here any day now, but since you asked....my name is Dave Patterson, I think it's being mailed to my Houston PO Box.

I've been following Terry and the band since 1977 when I saw them at the University of Houston. I got to finally meet him back in July when he came through town. What a treat. He signed every CD booklet and when I told him that I had purchased just about everything with his name on it, he seemed genuinely grateful. If I ever get to meet my other musical muse, Jeff Lynne, I suppose I could die a happy fella.

Posted by UnderDawg on 01-05-2008 at20:38:


Hey just wanted to let you know that my Christmas CD finally showed up today. It was mailed on the 26th of Dec, and arrived on the 5th of January. I work for the Post Office and that many days for a first class package to arrive is awful. Sometimes I think we're just getting worse all the time. But anyway, it got here safe, and so far, it sounds great!


Posted by Ron E on 01-31-2008 at09:36:


Hi guys, I pm'ed you about this one, did you get it???

Posted by Audiori J on 01-31-2008 at14:56:


I didnt get a PM, I dont know if my brother did. I was over there helping with orders last night until like 10:30pm. If you are missing something that you ordered around Christmas, send audiori a PM. We had some PC problems, the PC we use for orders died, but has been resurrected a new creation.

Posted by Ron E on 01-31-2008 at22:24:


message sent...thanks!

Posted by Ron E on 02-04-2008 at11:16:


Hi guys Wink

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