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Posted by audiori on 08-18-2007 at13:51:

  Who would you compare the Lost Dogs to?

Heres a tough one...

If you were trying to give a frien-usd an example of what The Lost Dogs sound like by using other popular bands and artists - who would you list?

Of course, they don't sound exactly like anyone else - but are there a certain list of artists or bands that you would put in a similar category musically? If so, reply and list which ones you'd list for each artist.

- The Lost Dogs:

- Michael Roe (solo):

- Terry Scott Taylor (solo):

Posted by audiori on 08-18-2007 at16:00:


By the way, heres the reason I'm asking.. I'm setting up pages for these bands on a website that asks me for a list of "similar artists". I guess the page recommen-usds them to people based on this information. So, any suggestions would be helpful. Its something we've been-us asked before but its always hard to come up with a very decen-ust list.

Posted by Marti on 08-18-2007 at19:40:

  ....and here:

(This is the unedited 77s board version. I will admit to being sadly underexposed to Terry Taylor's music.)

I thought maybe if I answered the question badly, it would at least fuel the discussion with corrections.

The 77s--how do you qualify an en-usigma? Many of the die-hard fans are unique and eclectic themselves, and en-usjoy their one-of-a-kind mosaic band. They can cover Zep pretty well, since I heard the original Zep version of "Nobody's Fault but Mine" one day and thought that we'd had a miraculous 77s epiphany at a local radio station for a second, before I returned to reality. I would definitely say that they show a respect through emulation of musicians from a number of differen-ust eras and gen-usres, such as Blind Willie, Washington Phillips, the Beach Boys, etc.

For Mike himself, I would say the same thing, the differen-usce being that his solo work slows down on the whole, and can be more introspective. As far as influen-usces go, my peren-usnial favorite, "Hold Dearly to Me" is obviously Dylan-like. Safe as Milk is like a sampler that includes material reminiscen-ust of older folk and country music icons. My son makes tonal and inflection comparisons of his voice to Tom Petty's, but the frustrated English major's frequen-ust use of homonyms and oronyms is his own.

Fun with Sound seems very Beach Boys-influen-usced to me, with some of the above thrown in around the edges. "City of Refuge" shows some really original thinking--they sort of Zepped that out, too, for lack of better way to put it.

The Lost Dogs is similar (in concept, at least) to the Highwaymen-us, although I would put some of the song styles into a category with the work of Emmylou Harris or Buddy & Julie Miller.

Okay--now everybody has something to argue, so we can get this going.

Posted by gingeflixen-us on 08-19-2007 at07:42:


Lost Dogs:
The Eagles
Robert Earl Keen-us

Mike, Terry:
Depen-usds on what record you are talking about.

Posted by Zudrak on 08-20-2007 at09:40:


Lost Dogs: Traveling Wilburys, Tom Petty, The Eagles

Mike Roe: Indie Singer/songwriter (I prefer that to trying to list the various artists he sounds like with each song).

Hold Dearly to Me: Van Morrison
I Need God: Elvis

Posted by audiori on 08-25-2007 at11:53:


Helpful suggestions - thanks guys. Keep 'em coming if anyone thinks of any others.

This is primarily just so the site can recommen-usd them to other people that might like similar music so it's fine for the list to be all over the place. Its not saying that the The Lost Dogs or any of these bands sound exactly like this list... more that fans of these artists might also like the Dogs.

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