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Posted by timdgibson on 04-17-2007 at18:35:

  Where to sell CDs

(1st, sorry for the cross posting).

I have about 35 CDs that I would like to sell. I have some throwaways (PFR, The Wayside), but then I have quite a few that are OOP (DAS, DA, Terry Scott Taylor, Mortal, etc).

What's the best way to sell these? We just entered into a payment plan with the IRS to pay off our taxes and I'd love to reduce that debt.



Posted by Audiori J on 04-18-2007 at15:22:


Certain ones sell fairly well on ebay, if they happen to be hard to get.

Posted by timdgibson on 04-18-2007 at17:08:


Yeah I've got a few that are hard to get.

I'll probably start posting them in a couple weeks. I'll let you know when I do.



Posted by MarkyMark77 on 04-24-2007 at15:03:


Please post that list. I'm sure many of us would like to complete our already-too-big CD collection.

Also, IMHO, PFR is pretty good Christian Beatlesque pop. But, that's just me.

Posted by THX1136 on 06-28-2007 at12:00:

  PFR Hmmm...

I've always wondered why PFR was mentioned in the same breath as the Beatles. I don't hear the connection any more than I hear a connection between, say, the 77's and the Beatles. All folks are influenced by what came before, but I don't see an exceptional influence concerning PFR. It's probably just me I 'spect.

Posted by Audiori J on 06-28-2007 at14:27:


I think its that nod to the mid section of the Beatles career (Revolver, Rubber Soul), that 60s harmony laced studio rock sound with a slight lean towards psychedelic. Phil Keaggy is similar, and thats probably why they (Keaggy and PFR) worked together to record "We Can Work It Out" for the various artists tribute CD Come Together: America Salutes the Beatles. I think those artists gave a tip of the hat back to the group they know they were strongly influenced by.

I think to clearly recognise the influence you almost have to be from there, sort of like hearing a slight accent in someone's voice and recognising that they are from where you grew up.

I remember Daniel Amos wanted a "Dear Prudence" drum sound on one song for "Mr Buechners Dream", people that have grown up with the Beatles will pick up on the similarities even if the drum part is different. Keaggy tends to try and vocalize and capture the Beatles guitar sound often enough that it becomes very familair to a Beatle fan, even if the sound changes somewhat coming through Keaggy. Its those subtleties that Beatle fans pick up on when listening to a band like PFR.

Posted by vlricha on 07-30-2007 at10:05:

  RE: Where to sell CDs

To timdgibson:

Do you have any with yodeling? I heard that (I think) Terry? does some yodeling. If you do, I would be interested Big Grin

Ignore the above message, I think I found the CD by Terry that I had heard about.

Posted by THX1136 on 08-23-2007 at11:12:


I understand what you mean. With Keaggy's Sunday's Child, he sort of did that with a few of the tunes. Like I said, it's just me. I wouldn't automatically use the term Beatle-esque to describe an overall quality of a band because they had a drum sound that reminded me of Ringo's. Another way, I wouldn't call a band's album Beach Boy-esque if they used a muted piano sound like Brian liked on one of their tunes. The tune Smile from the Pray Naked album is definitely approached like the Beach Boys tune Meant For You, but I would be hard pressed to describe the album as Beach Boy-esque on that tune alone. Reminiscent, yes indeed, but in a limited way.

Again, I agree with and understand what you're saying. I appreciate your response since I better understand where the thought to describe a band in that fashion comes from. I guess I feel it's a slight disservice to the buyer to describe an album as Beatle-esque - like Great Lengths by PFR was - when the entire album does not really bear that descrptive adjective as applicable in a consistent manner.

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