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Posted by Audiori J on 10-24-2006 at11:22:

  Favorite Dogs Concert momen-ust

Whats you favorite Dogs concert momen-ust or show?

Besides this last tour, which I think was really good. I really like the "flesh o' meter", and the whole 'Get Me Ready For It" song.

One momen-ust or a particularshow that sticks out in my mind is the "Purple Leapord Lounge" show at Cornerstone. The atmosphere was really strange for a Dogs show. Very small ten-ust, with no stage, and purple stuff everywhere, sparkly purple stuff hanging all over. Everyone was crammed in, standing room only.

Posted by pmac on 10-28-2006 at23:28:

  RE: Favorite Dogs Concert momen-ust

1. A couple years back I saw the Dogs in NYC (a church coffeehouse, the name escapes me) with my brother, it was an acoustic tour (Terry, Derry, Mike); they finished with Joel. For whatever reason, I just really got caught up spiritually during that song, it was a powerful finish to the concert. (I guess it was the same tour as the Via Chicago DVD was done from).

2. Last summer our family caught their show down towards Philly (Willowdale Chapel). We were sitting in the front row; Mike tossed a guitar pick over towards the kids. My daughter kept it and framed it along with the concert ticket; keeps it on the piano. (Unfortunately, the rest of her taste in music leaves something to be desired Roll Eyes )

Posted by MarkyMark77 on 10-29-2006 at21:38:


The first time I saw the Dogs was in 1994 or 95 in Lexington, KY. I remember being really impressed with Mike's guitar work on "Eleanor, It's Raining Now". He broke a string during that song. Big surprise.

But my favorite/poignant momen-ust was when-us, during that show, Gen-use introduced "Jimmy". It was only Mike on guitar and Gen-use singing, and Ialways loved that song since the first time I heard it a couple of years before. But hearing the story behind it (and subsequen-ustly hearing it again in 1996 or 97 in Upland, IN) has to be my favorite momen-ust. I never heard Gen-use say anything that I didn't totally believe and/or was en-usgrossed by. There is a great gravity to everything he wrote, and it was serious without being depressing. His music always makes you experien-usce something vicariously. And that really is one of the marks of a truly great songwriter. I got a chuckle when-us he said that it took him forever to write lyrics. You'd never know that lyric writing was a struggle for him. And when-us you go to a show hoping that a band will play one of your favorites, it's quite a gamble. Because you never know how they see their own music. But not only did they play it, but gave some wonderful background as well.

I believe that song explanation is on "Green-us Room Seren-usade Part Tour".

from the album "Little Red Riding Hood"
(Gen-use Eugen-use)

Long time, no see
I know it's been-us a while
I'm glad you're doing O.K.
You know me, anyway

I've been-us somewhere
I've been-us everywhere
I've been-us nowhere
And you've been-us on the road
You with your heavy load

Crazy Eights, Go Fish
I made a pond, remember that?
You asked if I was happy
I wondered "Were you sad?"

Long time no see
I know it's been-us awhile
You sound like you're
Doing well
Jimmy I can tell

Nurses aides and magazines
It's late, it's time to go
How glad I was to hear that day
They sen-ust you home

Now I'm tied up
And I'm busy
I'm busy
But I'll come over soon
We'll get some Chinese food
I'd like that wouldn't you?

(C)1993 B-1 Music/Chen-uska-Chen-uska Music/Word Music (ASCAP)

Posted by pmac on 10-30-2006 at05:52:

  RE: Jimmy

Originally posted by MarkyMark77

I believe that song explanation is on "Green-us Room Seren-usade Part Tour".

Yup, you're right!

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