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Posted by Eleanor on 08-11-2005 at21:47:


Roll Eyes

Posted by Provision National on 08-20-2005 at23:06:


Some more...

Posted by mo_jojo on 08-21-2005 at03:45:

Thumb Up! PN, You're hired!

Those are very nice, PN.

Is that 2nd one showing all the delicious parts of the human head?

The rest are good, especially the star one, the welder, and eagle one. The tape, head, and crown ones are my least fave.

Posted by Cheyenne on 08-21-2005 at11:13:

  RE: PN, You're hired!

I've gotta say, having lived in both Tennessee and now Californi-yay, I think that CA vs. TN one is pretty darn amusing.

Posted by Provision National on 08-21-2005 at20:46:


it's so funny.

everyone's opinions are completely different.

for example, mo_jojo didn't like the cassette tape one, but elsewhere (another message board) some fans of the dogs said it was their favorite. neither opinion is offensive to me.

likewise, some have said they loved certain ones only to have someone else say they dislike it.

personally, there are a handful of designs that i love, and others that i do not like at all - but i did them figuring a certain portion of the dogs' fanbase would like them.

my favorites are the grey americana-style shirt and the cowboy shirt. if both of those were made, i'd be thrilled.

the next two in line are the green crown shirt and the cassette tape.

i like the concept of the CA vs. TN shirt, but i kinda feel like the delivery could have been better...?

so, like i said, everyone's got different thoughts, which are awesome and interesting to hear...

Posted by BigDork on 08-21-2005 at21:40:


Originally posted by Provision National
it's so funny.

everyone's opinions are completely different.


that's why I don't ask for much input when I do a shirt or any design for that matter. if they don't like the final design they can wait for the next one. no one will agree if there are too many options. of course, this is just my opinion. and I'm not able to do any shirts at this time anyway so it's a side line opinion at best Tongue

Posted by Provision National on 08-22-2005 at07:33:


yeah, i don't mind the diversity of opinions though. even though everyone has different opinions, there is still a lot of feedback given that is very constructive and/or a good gauge of what people will purchase. it doesn't bother me if someone doesn't like all of them - i figure if someone likes one of them, we're in good shape. Smile

- j

Posted by boxdude on 08-23-2005 at15:43:

  about the shirt

The cassette shirt should read, "wagging tails since........."

Posted by mo_jojo on 08-24-2005 at00:22:


I never said I disliked any. (not saying anyone said I did) I liked them all, but some were more appealing than others, for different reasons. I would buy any.

Let the band decide, and we'll all buy one or two, I'm sure.

Posted by jiminy on 09-03-2005 at22:53:

  to the top~!

lets discuss SHIRTS!
I got three sold- whatever.......

Posted by boxdude on 09-04-2005 at23:06:

  about the shirts

I'll order a couple too.

Posted by mo_jojo on 09-06-2005 at21:35:


At least 2 here.

Posted by jiminy on 09-09-2005 at12:51:


my vote - lets do it!

Posted by mo_jojo on 09-10-2005 at04:00:


SOunds good!!!!

Here's my money!

Posted by jiminy on 09-11-2005 at19:56:


cold hard cash..the gift that keeps givin!

Posted by Jace on 09-12-2005 at14:36:


I'm in...what do I do now!

Posted by jiminy on 09-19-2005 at12:02:


Dudes (and dudettes..)
its gonna start gitting cold up here soon..
I needs a new shirt



Posted by Pfiagra on 09-19-2005 at14:42:


Originally posted by Pfiagra
I think the best T-shirt design would be to have a black shirt with a picture/drawing of three dogs playing guitar in a small room a la "dogs playing poker."

Of course, we would have to determine which breed of dog best represents each of the three Lost Dogs.

The scene could also have a picture hanging up on the wall of the room with our sorely missed fourth dog.

Terry, Mike, & Derri plan their next album.

Posted by larryl on 06-21-2006 at08:35:


someone was looking for this, i believe?

Posted by larryl on 06-21-2006 at11:03:


j......can we get some new designs from you, with the new album themes?

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