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Posted by Doctor Love on 06-14-2005 at18:45:

  upcoming tour song requests?

OK all you Dogs lovers, it's time to pony up to the request line and make your wishes known. In a week's time Terry and I will be flying to Nashville to join Derri and Steve Hindalong in a hopeless attempt to construct yet another two hours+ set for each and every one of you!

A lost cause? Of course it is, but YOU can help us find this missing puppy. Simply post a list of what you'd like to hear from us this summer. Besides all the 'official' Dogs tunes, feel free to challenge us with Choir/DA/77's stuff (including ones not on MUTT) and/or any of our solo material plus whatever covers that you think we can do justice to.

For our part, we will be doing plenty of last year's MUTT tour set plus a couple of tunes from our upcoming ISLAND DREAMS instrumental release. Beyond that, we won't have much of a clue until we're all together next week hashing it out.

We can't promise you anything, but your requests might help to tip the scales as we jockey for position with one another (that didn't sound right... Shocked ) in order to come up with a rootin' tootin' fast paced show that is sure to please.

Can't wait to see and play for all of you again. We had a great time last year and this tour could be far and away our very best. We might even try a more 'conventional' band setup this time, as it appears that Derri is committed to playing electric bass for the entire show. If we can fit it in the van, Steve might consent to bringing a normal 'trap' drum set. If that happens, I can play electric guitar like the old days and then we'll almost be a rock 'n roll band again rather than the " Dogs semi-plugged" version we presented last year.

Either way, a splendid time is guaranteed for all, so let's keep those cards and letters comin' in with your requests.


Posted by bereal on 06-14-2005 at20:58:


Alrighty Locter Love Wink , since my hubby Mountain Fan and I have you Dogs set to play here in Asheville, NC on July 17, the last night of the tour, I have a few requests. MF might have a few others, but I'll let him post his own.

Classics that must be part of all Dogs shows, IMHO:
Why is the Devil Red
Breathe Deep
3-Legged Dog (early in the set since my children will want to hear this and will be leaving early)

To Rescue Me (off new Choir CD)
Logical Conclusion (Derri's solo CD)
A Certain Love
Crushing Hand (my favorite Dogs song Wink )

I would appreciate these songs being considered, although if you are unable to do these, I'm certain whatever you do will be great! I've seen you guys 4 times and have never been disappointed. Pleased

Posted by iota on 06-14-2005 at21:33:


Mike...you've got to do a hillbilly version of "pray naked"!

You can even spell it "P-R-A-Y N-E-K-K-I-D" during the chant part!

The Ocean (choir) would be another great one.

Posted by pmac on 06-15-2005 at08:59:


Originally posted by bereal

3-Legged Dog (early in the set since my children will want to hear this and will be leaving early)

Glad to see I'm not the only one planning on bringing kids to a show... all four are mine are big fans (having relentlessly been exposed to EVERY Dogs' CD)... and it's with them in mind that I make the following requests:

Pray Where You Are (if nothing else on this list, this one!)
3-Legged Dog
Why Is the Devil Red
If You Love Here (You'd be home by now)
Rocky Mountain Mines
Close But No Cigar
Mean Green Season (77s')

Posted by Jace on 06-15-2005 at09:25:


Sir Love

Hope to see you guys this summer, but it looks like TO might be the closest you get for me.

As for tunes, I'm kinda partial to covers.

How about sneakin' in a Brian Beach Boys Wilson song - maybe Wonderful, 'Till I Die, God Only Knows? Smile )

For us old hippies, I always thought you guys could do a nice version of CSNY's "Teach Your Children". Derri would have no problem with the Nash voice!

"Nine Pound Hammer" by Merle Travis.

An electric version of "Do it for Love" might be cool to hear again.


Posted by Mountain Fan on 06-15-2005 at11:52:

Thumb Up! Asheville, NC Sun July 17th

Thanks for asking! (We are the main sponsors for this show BTW).

My "must have" requests:

1) I would like to dedicate a song to my wonderful wife, maybe 2!
Oh Sweet Companion and/or Built Her A Cloud
If you just can't do those I guess I would settle for To Cover You.

2) We will soon be moving and I would like to dedicate All The Very Best Things to all our friends, co-workers, and family in attendance at the show.

3) Three Legged Dog just because it's our kids' favorite, along with perhaps Ten Gallon Hat

A lot (dream list, no holds barred) that would be really nice if you can work them in, most wanted (for each person) first:

Mike -
Related or maybe Genuine (saw the Mike/Mark and FWS tours and I think it would work with the Dogs OK)
Dig My Heels
Thank You For Your Dreams (that one may not fit that well with Dogs' stuff but is my fave off Fun With Sound)
River of Sorrow
Men Are So Busy
Bridge of Sighs (I bet you could do it better than Trower! of course it may not fit with Dogs)
For Crying Out Loud
Denomination Blues
Sunshine Down
Say Your Prayers

Terry -
Kind Word
Sins of the Fathers (or failing that The Glory Road or failing that When Everyone Wore Hats)
If You Want To
The Lucky Ones
My Beautiful Martyr
The Twist (maybe hard for a Dogs version)
Pie Hole
Startin' Monday

Derry -
Enough to Love (off the new one, might require some re-arrangement to really work with the Dogs)
Logical Conclusion
A Sentimental Song
Mercy Lives Here
The Ocean

Gene (if you can even go there) - Stone (May not work with the Dogs but that version Mike sings on the Adam Again tribute CD gives me goose bumps everytime I hear it. It's not my fave AA song, probably Worldwide or maybe Dig.).

Lost Dogs - pretty much anything but a few of my faves:
Honeysuckle Breeze
If It Be Your Will
Waiting For You to Come Around
Breathe Deep
I Am A Pilgrim, Precious Memories, or Farther Along
If You Loved Here You'd Be Home By Now
All That Remains
Crushing Hand

Posted by Ron E on 06-15-2005 at12:00:


How about something from Skinny? Winnepesaukee or skinny or something... just so the guy doesn't feel left out.

Posted by Provision National on 06-15-2005 at13:01:


how about an alt-country, americana version of diggin' your style?

wow. that would be um... probably terrible, actually.

LOL Tongue

Posted by DaLe on 06-15-2005 at17:07:

Thumb Up! RE: upcoming tour song requests?

MUTT If You Want To - To Cover You - It's So Sad - 'Aint Gonna Fight It

'official' Dogs tunes - Bullet Train - Honeysuckle Breeze - Crushing Hand

member's band / solo tunes
DA terry - SooN pretty please Smile - Joel
77's mike - Gone In A Moment
Choir derri steve - Fear Only You

How about a do not play thread ?
not because they are BaD songs, but because they have been played
"alot" the last few years... ?

Free Drinks and a Dream - Why Is The Devil Red? - Bad Indigestion
Beautiful Scandalous Night - The Lust, The Flesh, The Eyes and the Pride of Life
these last two you should / could probably play if some in the crowd have not seen you guys in the last few years... otherwise...

Posted by Audiori J on 06-16-2005 at00:38:


I know our Mom likes the Elvis-ish (not Elvish) songs. Smile
Its So Sad, Close But No Cigar, U U U U, etc.

Posted by peawinkel on 06-16-2005 at15:01:


Dogs stuff:
Eleanor, It's Raining Now
Sweet Work Of Love
The Net

Other stuff:
A Gene tribute medley: Hey Gene/Gualalupe/Flash In Your Eyes
Indian Winter
Render Love

Posted by Barghorn on 06-18-2005 at11:55:

  RE: upcoming tour song requests?

My personal concert wish list:

I Can't Say Goodbye / You Gotta Move / / / Eleanor, It's Raining Now Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin / Imagine That / You Satisfy / / / Sweet Work of Love / / / A Vegas Story / Ditto / If You Loved Here You'd Be Home By Now / / / The Mark Of Cain

Choir: So Far Away / / / To Cover You / / / Restore My Soul / / / Weather Girl / / / Away With The Swine / / / Nobody Gets A Smooth Ride

I can't wait...my first LD concert coming July 5...Kennett Square, PA!

Posted by Mountain Fan on 06-20-2005 at13:00:


Originally posted by Ron E
How about something from Skinny? Winnepesaukee or skinny or something... just so the guy doesn't feel left out.

Ummm, Ron, uhhh ...

Well, Steve is the chief lyricist for the Choir, so he shouldn't feel left out with all The Choir song requests, right? Tongue Big Grin

Actually, if he sings something I think our kids would like "Thank the Lord for Your Daily Bread" or that one about "round and round they go in the washing machine until your dirty socks come clean" from that kids demo thing he did. I wrote those down and sang them for our kids and they loved it! Much better than that 1 kids song they put on The Choir's box set extras CD (wasn't it the one about "Mommy's in the Circus"?).

Posted by Audiori J on 06-20-2005 at14:21:


Theres also the song on Mutt he co-wrote with Terry. Smile

Posted by DaLe on 06-21-2005 at09:59:

Thumb Up! I'll add...

"Deeper in the Heart" & "Cry Out Loud"

Posted by Mountain Fan on 06-21-2005 at10:31:

  It's so hard...

I had a hard time picking out requests. too many good songs. Sorta a combination of my favorites, songs that might work with the Dogs, and a few I hadn't heard live before.

Posted by Cert on 06-21-2005 at19:36:


"Moses in the Desert", "Jesus on the Shore", "Real Men Cry", "Protect my Child", "Rocky Mountain Mines".

Posted by inconsolablelonging on 06-23-2005 at18:53:


Oh Sweet Companion fo' sho'!!!!!!!!
It's the 80's So Where's Our Rocket Packs that would be soooooo hot Paris Hilton said so
Anything from A Briefing For the Ascent and anything from the Alarma Chronicles in addition to Rocket packs

Rain Kept Falling In Love
The Itch Is Back
For Crying Out Loud

The Chicken
Nobody Gets A Smooth Ride
About Love/Tear for Tear

Love Sanctifies
Hey, Killer

Posted by inconsolablelonging on 06-24-2005 at21:23:


Come on everyone request Oh Sweet Companion and Audiori will give everyone one $50*

*Audiori has declared no such thing Doctor Love actually said this.....

Posted by DaLe on 08-17-2005 at08:54:

  RE: upcoming tour song requests?

Originally posted by Doctor Love
For our part, we will be doing plenty of last year's MUTT tour set plus a couple of tunes from our upcoming ISLAND DREAMS instrumental release. Beyond that, we won't have much of a clue until we're all together next week hashing it out...., so let's keep those cards and letters comin' in with your requests.


we (minneapolis show) did not get any Island Dreams... Confused

but I got to hear Bad Indigestion for the fifth time to many... Tongue

did any of the shows set list have any Island Dreams ?

as for Why Is The Devil Red? WoW, I guess you can keep that one in the set list, just to see hear Mike play guitar Cool

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