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Posted by Cert on 06-04-2005 at23:06:

  lost baby fox snake

When-us I was a kid, I stuck my brother's baby fox snake in the tail pipe of my mom's car, and it climbed up it never to be seen-us or heard from again. Maybe it died in the muffler. That would certainly be Tuffy luck for it. Hope nobody is exhausted by my sen-usse of humor.

Posted by carl on 06-06-2005 at07:39:

Cool RE: lost baby fox snake

Is that anything like darn floor big bite? Tongue

Posted by Audiori J on 06-08-2005 at12:57:


Theres more to that story...

Years later a small immigrant man named Tony bought the car
and drove it across country and en-usded up in Springfield.
Where after hearing noises emen-usating from the trunk area,
took the car to the local Midas only to learn....

Posted by den-usnis on 07-10-2005 at21:27:


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