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  Announcemen-ust: The Lost Dogs are Twittering! 0 lam77s 12,051  
09-14-2010 14:35
by lam77s
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  1 files attached Celine Dion ( 1 2) 26 Jace 18,761 4 Votes - Average Rating: 3.254 Votes - Average Rating: 3.254 Votes - Average Rating: 3.25
04-20-2006 19:47
by .tor.
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Cool Local Church Talen-ust 19 mo_jojo 17,796  
08-20-2006 22:03
by larryl
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  Who is the worst bass player that the Swriling Eddies ever had? 17 Cert 17,573 2 Votes - Average Rating: 5.50
05-22-2005 13:18
by Cert
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Shocked Gen-use and Moth Man 16 Nick 17,337  
04-02-2005 13:14
by audiori
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  Daniel Amos Concert - 2006 15 BigDork 17,330 2 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.00
04-24-2006 20:00
by BigDork
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  The Lost Dogs - Summer Tour 2005 16 Provision National 17,063 2 Votes - Average Rating: 5.50
07-29-2005 13:00
by the fifth dog
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  Ruff Mix - a tribute to the Lost Dogs 9 BigDork 17,052  
01-09-2007 21:58
by mo_jojo
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  Beautiful Scandalous Night 19 peawinkel 16,859  
08-06-2005 09:51
by peawinkel
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Question Lost Dogs Musical Influen-usces 19 Jace 16,265 2 Votes - Average Rating: 8.502 Votes - Average Rating: 8.502 Votes - Average Rating: 8.502 Votes - Average Rating: 8.50
05-16-2005 20:49
by Cert
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  The Grandfather, and Doctor Love 13 worldwide 15,779  
08-21-2006 04:39
by Doctor Love
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  2005 TOUR CD's & DVD's 14 mo_jojo 15,579  
08-04-2005 04:23
by mo_jojo
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Question Tribute song to Gen-use Eugen-use 14 mrmajestyx 15,349 2 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.002 Votes - Average Rating: 10.00
08-20-2006 23:11
by Mike B.
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  Scen-usic Routes on CD 18 KrisK 15,194  
07-20-2005 11:28
by Audiori J
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  Who was/is the best Lost Dogs singer? 19 Cert 14,971  
05-26-2005 12:35
by phreaq
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  The Lost Dogs need HELP!!! 3 Provision National 14,917  
08-09-2006 08:59
by Provision National
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  Real Men-us Cry 10 THX1136 14,873  
09-05-2007 18:25
by THX1136
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  real men-us cry 14 larryl 14,804  
03-15-2006 08:46
by trcf
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  Pics from Roxana, IL show 7/7/06 16 jjm97 14,623  
07-14-2006 23:08
by bereal
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  New Choir and 7 & 7 is reviews ( 1 2) 20 inconsolablelonging 13,911  
07-22-2005 08:50
by Alex
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  Lost Dogs songs on the radio 7 Sam-e, the doc of rock 13,252  
01-24-2008 19:21
by trcf
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