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The Net

from the album "Surfonic Water Revival"

(Words and Music by Terry Taylor)

Inside our walls
the great wild ball is turning
freed from touch
replacing love with learning

We go down
don't know how
surfin' now

On the screen
the lovers' dreams are burning
two stars crossed
electric loss and yearning

Sight and sound
the King is crowned
and everybody is
surfin' now

Press the flesh
the soul against your finger tips
through the wire
your desire's
to crawl inside of it
in spite of it
by the light of it
you go down

Caught in the net
the heart and head are squirming
sons and daughters
"neath dark waters churning

Sinking down
they might drown
and everybody's
surfin' now

surfin' now
surfin' now

1998 Broken Songs (ASCAP)