Wellbutrin Price South Africa

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Why is the Devil Red?

from the album "Scenic Routes"

(Music and lyrics by Lost Dogs)

Why is the Devil red?
Why ain't the Devil blue?
Why is the Devil red?
Why is the Devil you?

You give the Devil a pitchfork
You give the Devil horns
You give the Devil sulfur
You give the Devil corns
Does he look like Robert DiNiro
With big long fingernails?
Does he make you dance like Charo?
Or sing like Jerry Vale?

Who's that lookin' like an angel of light?
Who's that dressed in a gown of white?
Who's that saying everything's all right?
Who's that grinning in the dead of night?

Why is the Devil red?
Why is the Devil red?

You give the Devil hot breath
You put him on a tower
You give the Devil about 15 toes
You give him his Devil power

Who's that lookin' like an angel of light?
Who's that dressed in a gown of white?
Who's that saying everything's all right?
Who's that grinning in the dead of night?

Who's that lookin' like an angel of light?
Who's that dressed in a gown of white?
Who's that saying everything's all right?
Who's that grinning in the dead of night?

Why is the Devil red?