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Scenic Routes

from the album "Scenic Routes"

(Music by Derri Daugherty, Words by Terry Taylor)

Auto shakes his blinders off,
plows up the comon streets
The lost dogs bark the nicene creed
and dream of bones to eat
Praise eglantines, hot joe and beans,
the sea, the desert heat

Yeah we'll take the scenic routes
(and stop and smell the roses)
find out what it's all about
(with eyes wide open)
(with wide-eyed wonder)
(theres's nowhere else I'd rather be)
(chase the endless summer)
Paint the common things with mystery
and renovate our history
when we take the scenic routes
the cloud enfolded Trinity
unpacks the ancient tapestry
when we take the scenic routes

Auto rides narrangensets
on back the westward wind
to pecan logs and shopping malls
and illustrated men
Loves Christ the Lamb, mom, eggs and ham
and this tatoo on his skin says


Pigs in a blanket
Nice and hot
Wax museums
Mystery Spots
Great balls of string
Neat shrunken heads
the Penguin Boy says