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When the Judgment Comes

from the album "Real Men Cry"

(Terry Taylor)

Lord, give me a pair of traveling shoes
when the judgment comes
Lord, give me a pair of traveling shoes
when the judgment comes
'Cos I ain't got no traveling shoes. Lord said,
"I got some pretty good news,
something else that you can use
when the judgment comes."

"I'll send a chariot built with nails and wood
when the judgment comes
I'll send a chariot built with nails and wood
when the judgment comes
A horse named grace that I've taught to fly,
He'll by arriving by and by
To take you up yonder past the big blue sky
when the judgment comes."

Lord, give me a coat and a walkin' cane
when the judgment comes
Lord, give me a coat and a walkin' cane
when the judgment comes
'Cos I ain't got no coat and cane.
Lord said, "I guess I best explain,
You ain't gonna need a doggone thing
when the judgment comes."