Nexium 18 Dollars A Month

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Lovely Man

from the album "Real Men Cry"

(Mike Roe)

Hey little mama, be my friend
You can be the trouble that you think I'm in
I'm a lovely man
Lovely man
Yes I am, I'm a lovely man
(Right by damn, I'm a lovely man)

I traveled the world, the first time in my life
Fell in love with a woman but she wasn't my wife
I'm a lovely man
Lovely man
Yes I am, I'm a lovely man

Oooh Hooo
A lovely man
(Keep on a dancin' and a prancin')
Ooo Hooo Hoooo

Livin' high in a house of mirrors
Let a girl named Delilah cut my hair
I'm a lovely man
A lovely man
Yes I am, I'm a lovely man
(Right by damn, I'm a lovely dog gone man.)

You never told me when I started out
I'd be sailin all alone in a sea of doubt
And end up a lonely,
Lonely Man

Lovely man

Settin' my sight on some bigger things
Mama's old Cadillac and diamond rings
I'm a lovely man
Lovely man
What I am is a lovely man
Ooo Hooo
A lovely man
(keep on a dancin' and a prancin')
Ooo Hooo
Lovely man
Whoa oh, Ooo Hooo
Just a lovely man
Ooo Hooo Hooo Hoooo
Lovely man!