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The World is Against Us

from the album "Old Angel"

(2010 Terry Scott Taylor)

The world is against us
The world is against us
The world is against us and if God is too
Let us lay down in the dust bowl
And join the dust the wind blows
‘Cross the ruins of a sweet lie
We once thought true

The narrow road’s the high road
The narrow road’s the high road
The gate to it is pressing
Only few pass through
Lord, are we travelin’ down it?
Perhaps we never found it
For the broad road of destruction beckons
Every fool

Who is man that thou art mindful?
Who is man that thou art mindful?
Who is man that thou art mindful?
Lord, what shall we do?
If your will is not to save us
But to banish and forsake us
Then our prayer for mercy’s wasted
In resisting You

The world is against us
The world is against us
The world is against us
The world is against us
And if God is too
Let us lay down in the dust bowl
And join the dust the wind blows
‘Cross the ruins of a sweet lie
We once thought true