Furosemide 40 Mg Adalah

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The Glory Road

from the album "Old Angel"

(1995 Terry Scott Taylor / Greg Flesch / Tim Chandler)

Glad we’re together on the Glory Road
We’ve seen some sights and we’ve had some laughs
Seen the ghost of all of them Okies
Drinkin’ Grape Nehi and wine made from the Grapes of Wrath
The ice cream stands and salty truck stops
Hum-dingers and the auto graves
Coca-cola and the no-tell motels
Barber shops and Burma Shaves

We faced the dust storms comin’ over the farmlands
Got a grease monkey tunin’ up the Pontiac
We imagine pickin’ up soldiers
Comin’ home for Christmas
With Steinbeck and Guthrie and Kerouac

Explored the patchwork of Americana
The curios and the burger plates
We got a message from the Queen of the Highway
Paid attention to the sign that said, “Jesus Saves”

Sand traps, soft shoulders, wash outs, deep ruts
Hustlers, cops and wrecker drivers
Sometimes the world’s just got it out for us

Moonlight falls on the Painted Desert
Gershwin floats out of our radio
I swear there will be peace for us, baby
Someday peace for us
Peace in the valley for us, my darlin’
One day peace for us all

Glad we’re together on the Glory Road
Hey, let’s go crazy and thicken the plot
Can’t back out now that we’ve paid our admission
There’s just one exit from the Mystery Spot

We caught the Metro out in Tulsa
Bought a steer horn at Pecan Joes
Saw the Blue Whale in Catoosa
The Reptile Farm in Cuba, MO.

If at the end of the line there ain’t no pot of gold
Just the Santa Monica Pier
Well, we loved our biscuits and gravy
And we learned to twirl a rope
And we enjoyed what we had
While we were here