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Dead End Diner

from the album "Old Angel"

(2010 Terry Scott Taylor)

Down at the Dead End Diner
Obama’s on the radio

Dinah’s workin’ at the Diner
And trouble’s in the kitchen with her
Life’s grease and grills and unpaid bills
And favors from the babysitter
Ain’t no break time for her regrets
Just more coffee and cigarettes

Dinah, workin’ at the Diner
Daydreams of leavin’ Tucumcari
And a California rich man
She’ll meet and one day marry
For now its cut-backs and part time workin’
And an ex who’s just a deadbeat jerk, yeah

It’s fee fie fiddly-i-o
Fee fie fiddly-i-ay
At the Dead End Diner
Dinah plans her get away

Dinah’s workin’ at the Diner
And for 33 she ain’t bad lookin’
Flirts with a good ol’ boy who might enjoy
More than what she’s got cookin’
He’s sorta handsome in an ugly way
And she’s almost sure that he ain’t gay

Hey, it’s fee fie fiddly-i-ay
Fee fie fiddly-i-o
Down at the Dead End Diner
The heart calls in an order to

Go out to the interstate by way of old 66
Far away from the blues plate specials
And the loose change tips

Dinah’s workin’ at the Diner
And California ain’t much better
Same old deal in Bakersfield
They got the same hot damn weather
She’s been thinkin’ ‘bout her Mama and friends
And maybe goin’ home again

Fee fie fiddly-i-o
Fee fie fiddly-i-ay
Another Dead End Diner
Where no one ever gets away
Fee fie fiddly-i-ay
Fee fie fiddly-i-o
Down at the Dead End Diner
Obama’s on the radio…
Here’s my money…
Keep the change honey…
Obama’s on the radio