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Dancin' on the Devil's Elbow

from the album "Old Angel"

(2010 Terry Scott Taylor)

We went danciní on the Devilís Elbow
Grabbed a spot on the rock where the river rolls
Every woman every man loves The Log Jam Band
And goes danciní on the Devilís Elbow

When youíre down in the mouth and the times are grim
They will tickle your ribs at the Elbow Inn
ĎCause seeiní bras on the ceiliní you canít help but grin
And go danciní on the Devilís Elbow

Danciní on the Devilís Elbow
Grab a spot on the rock where the river rolls
Every woman every man loves The Log Jam Band
And goes danciní on the Devilís Elbow

Old man Sheldon runs Sheldonís store
Born he claims back in nineteen hundred and four
Heís just pulliní our legs right across the floor
Got us danciní on the Devilís Elbow

Of all the sights weíve seen and the places weíve been
You can have your giant peanut and your muffler men
ĎCause when the river gets to risiní nothiní saves your skin
Like danciní on the Devilís Elbow

La la la la la la la la la la (2X)
You can tell all your friends that it ainít no kinda sin
To go danciní on the devilís elbow
La la la la la la la la la la (2X)
In a state called, ďMO.Ē weíre all good to go
Danciní on the Devilís Elbow

Still the good Lord knows
You best stay on your toes
When youíre danciní on the Devilís Elbow
La la la la la la (4X)