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Jesus On The Shore

from the album "Nazarene Crying Towel"

(Words and Music by Terry Taylor)
2002 Zoom Daddy Music

Is that Jesus on the shore
It's the Lord, it's the Lord
Is that Jesus on the shore
Open doors, closed doors
It's the Lord

Is He in the circumstance
Not by chance, not by chance
In His hand is providence
Open doors, closed doors
It's the Lord

Be free brethren, be free brethren
Be free brethren, be free
Be free brethren
Move and be, brethren
Be free brethren be free

Give him thanks in everything
He is king
Give him thanks in everything
When it brings suffering
He is king

Is that Jesus on the shore
It's the Lord, it's the Lord
Is that Jesus on the shore
Open doors, closed doors
It's the Lord

(repeat chorus)