Warfarin Australia Booklet

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Come Down Here

from the album "Nazarene Crying Towel"

(Words and Music by Michael Roe)
2002 7&7 Is Music (ASCAP)

I am a lonely sinning soul
Come down here, won't you come down here?
Sipping my supper from an empty bowl
If you come down here you can fill me full

There lies inside of me a heart thats dark
Come down here, won't you come down here?
Can't take the fire but I'll take a spark
If you come down here we can chase that dark

(Come down, come down here)

I had nothing and I lost it all
Come down here, won't you come down here?
Bad seed sowing's what I'm all about
If you come down here we can work it out

(Come down)

Fear looking forward but I can't look back
Come down here, won't you come down here?
Standing there shaking while my heart attacks
If you come down here you can take it back

(Come down, come down here)
(Come down)