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To Cover You

from the album "MUTT"

(Steve Hindalong/Derri Daugherty)

Originally recorded by the Choir
on their 1989 album, "Wide Eyed Wonder."

Walk down a dark street naked on a winter night
Run from the law like the sunday I saw the light
To defend your spirit I would go to war
I would chase the devil to Jehovah's door

I would do anything
To cover you body and soul, girl
I would give everything in the world
To cover you (cover you)
To cover you

Set my guitar on fire with a long stemmed match
Dance while it burns and laugh when it turns to ash
I would torch everything to keep you warm
I would do anything to keep you from harm, honey

I would do anything
To cover you body and soul, girl
I would give everything in the world
To cover you

I would do anything
To wrap you up tight on a cold night
I would give everything that I have
To cover you (cover you)
To cover you

I would do anything
To cover you body and soul, girl
I would give everything in the world
To cover you (cover you)
To cover you (cover you)
To cover you