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Sunshine Down

from the album "MUTT"

(Mike Roe)
Originally Recorded by Michael Roe
for the 2002 album, "Say Your Prayers."

I marvel as I sip upon my sweet tea
Iím popeyed at the sweetness of my sweet peas
The blooming of my trees
Why does the sun shine down on me?

Iím grateful for the greatness of your soft hands
And thankful for the cleanness of my pressed pants
You part the clouds still I donít see
Why does the sun shine down on me?

Sometimes I hear, sometimes I listen
Most of the time Iím stubborn and indifferent
Often Iím sad, knowing what Iím missing
And all the time Iím wishing things were all so different

Thinking of asking that the end donít come too soon Ďcuz
Iíve got a friend or two
Could use a friend like You Ďcuz
Itís getting cold and now I see
Just why the sun shines down on me

Upon my friends, down on my daughter
A beam of light to walk upon Your water
Shine on and bless my mother and my father
Praying for me when I could not be bothered

If my house goes up in flames give it a dowse, please
But never let the flame You lit inside my heart cease
I cannot live without the heat
From Your sun shining down on me