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Like A Cloud

from the album "MUTT"

(Steve Hindalong/Derri Daugherty)
Originally recorded by the Choir
for their 1992 album "Speckled Bird"

I want to float you like a cloud
I want to drink you like a flower drinks rain
I want to lift you up to heaven

Now I can't get you
off the ground
when you wear such heavy shoes
But I'll keep trying
because I really want to float you

Like a cloud
I want to drink you like a flower drinks rain
I want to lift you up to heavenly places
and beg you to remain

I never mean to make you cry
I don't want to bring you down
When I'm descending hold on tight
I always turn around

I want to float you Like a cloud
I want to swallow you like a flower drinks rain
I want to lift you up to heavenly places
and beg you to remain

I want to float you Like a cloud
I want to lift you up to heaven
I want to float you Like a cloud
I want to lift you up to heaven
I want to float you Like a cloud
I want to lift you up to heaven