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Grace Is The Smell of Rain

from the album "MUTT"

(Words by Terry Taylor,
Music by Terry Taylor and Jerry Chamberlain)

Originally recorded by Daniel Amos
for their 1993 album, "Motor Cycle."
The cauliflower ears
The crocodile tears
The hearts too hard for breaking
We hobble down to your undertow

The lunatic fringe by the Quackery
Miracle Sludge from the factory
Come to trouble the water
Angels and otters,
Psychosomatics cleaning their attics-they learn

Grace is the smell of rain

Pride that stiffs the neck
healed by graceless genuflect
Heaven and earth embracing
Like lovers under the mistletoe

These low of lows, dregs of the earth,
malcontents when the last are first
come to trouble the water
Mothers and fathers
Immersing their babies, they pluck them from hades

Grace is the smell of rain

There's old sleep in our eyes
and deep thorns in our sides
but old dogs learn new tricks
when the rain is falling
By the bottomless lagoon
a drunkard's dancing in the moonlight

The cauliflower ears
(the dregs of earth making their way)
The crocodile tears
(a drunkard's dance under the moonlight)
The hearts too hard for breaking
We hobble down to your undertow

The lunatic fringe by the Quackery
Miracle Sludge from the factory
Come to trouble the water
Angels and otters,
Psychosomatics cleaning their attics-they learn

Grace is the smell of rain
Grace is the smell of rain
Grace is the smell of rain