Chloramphenicol For 8 Month Old

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Get Me Ready

from the album "The Lost Cabin and the Mystery Trees"

(2006 Terry Taylor)

Get me ready for the empty pocket
Get me ready for the money
The dirty bomb and the nuclear rocket
Get me ready for milk and honey

Get me ready for the Tribulation
Get me ready for the Rapture
For whatever evil situation
and whatever good comes after

Get me ready for it
Get me ready for it
Get me ready for it

Get me ready for hate and love
For a devil or an angel
For the vulture or the holy dove
For the banquet or the empty table

For long life or early grave
For the cross or for the bliss
To be a free man or a shackled slave
For helping hands or the Judas kiss

Get me ready for it....

Get me ready for the signs and wonders
For the absence and the silence
For the sunshine or the rain and thunder
The age of peace or the times of violence

For doubt and faith, for fear and hope
For the curses and the blessings
Smooth sailing or the sinking boat
For the trials and the testings

Get me ready for the broken hearted
the down trodden, deaf, blind, dumb and lame
the growing numbers of friends departed
for those who love you
or those who curse your name

Lord, get me ready to see your face
or get me ready to face you
For your justice, love and infinite grace
Get me ready (for it)
Get me ready (for it)
Get me ready to embrace you