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No Ship Coming In

from the album "Little Red Riding Hood"

(Terry Taylor)

It's all breaking down
Crushed into the ground
But I will love you forever

It's falling apart
Hopeless and dark
But we're gonna see it
Through together

Caught in a landslide
Earthquakes and high tides
It's gonna be a rough ride
But I'll stay by your side

By grace we remain
With hands in the flame
But I will love you forever

Times may be hard
We're crippled and scarred
But we're gonna see it through together
(we're gonna see it through)

Dreams of a lifetime
Way past the deadline
We're pushing up an incline
But I believe we'll be just fine

No money to spend
(hard times are comin' again)
No ship comin' in
(We're here through the thick and the thin)
But we're gonna see it through together

Caught in a landslide
Earthquakes and high tides
It's gonna be a rough ride
But I'll stay by your side
It's all breaking down
(Times might be getting too hard)
Crushed into the ground
(Maybe we're crippled and scarred
But I will love you forever
No money to spend
No ship coming in
But we're gonna see it
Through together

(C)1993 B-1 Music/Chenka-Chenka Music/Word Music (ASCAP)